Tumble Dryer Time

My favourite tumble dryer of all time was a White Knight. Known as a cheap brand but while it lasted I thought it was excellent. They also had the first A rated tumble dryer while all other brands were still D rated. Things have come along a lot since then. Most dryers are now a [...]

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Someone recommended that I try SamsungĀ for a washing machine. I should have thought of them sooner. Personally I like the brand. I find them reasonably priced with lots of extras. Admittedly sometimes they compromise on certain areas eg on pixel quantity (too complicated to explain for a non pixel related post but basically though they [...]

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I was pleasantly surprised by Samsung's customer service. Nearly 5 years ago I bought myself an American Style Fridge Freezer and has been very happy with it so far. Apparently some models had a small flaw (not that I noticed) and so they contacted us and sent out someone to do an alteration for FREE. [...]

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