803, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

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The first time I heard of dry shampoo, I thought it was a gimmick. However the person using it swore by it. So I decided to try it. And honestly I loved it.

I have thin, greasy hair that I have to wash daily. However with young children that can be hard to accomplish and most often it ends up air drying. This results in no style and limp hair. Dry shampoo offers me a quick alternative. It means that it removes the greasiness in a few quick sprays, it gives me some volume and with the Batiste range, it even smells nice.

I do find that you need to have quick light bursts of spray or it will result in your having a film of powder but you quickly get the hang of it. And after a minute or two, you can style your hair quickly and easily. My hair […]

703, 2014

Harp vs Guitar Cases

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As you know we recently purchased a rather pricey instrument. We bought a harp. As it is so pricey and it does need transporting, we thought we would invest in a carry case. A canvas carry case cost us over £300!! Can you believe that! Considering the harp is expensive, I did not feel like I was robbed blind on the harp but oh boy did I feel like we were held to ransom on the case. Considering that a similar type of fender guitar case starts at under $30 dollars, well needless to say I was not pleased.

Ah well… lets hope it does its job!

603, 2014

Pretty Things!

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My daughter is really into pretty gemstone jewelry. She saw a similar bracelet to this and asked for one. At $28 dollars it is not going to break the bank and it is pretty. My only reservations are that, she wants a pink one and pink is not her birthstone. Should it matter? It really shouldn’t but it feels wrong. Then again… it is PINK… do you think she cares? The other reservation is that she takes things to school and they don’t come back. Perhaps if I make her want it hard enough and tell her that I will get it for her birthday, on the condition that she does not take it to school… perhaps that just might work!

Alex and Ani October Birthstone Charm Bangle Bracelet - Shiny Silver Finish

303, 2014


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Where does the time go?

Somehow I managed to not update my precious blog for a month. I know the reason why… and I will disclose it all to you slowly. I have been on a shopping spree. Yay! I will disclose all my purchases and my opinions of them in the very near future!

Keep reading…..

3001, 2014

Micro Terror

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Who would have thought that a great orange micro terror at musicians friend was just a hybrid guitar amp? Well not I but there you have it. I am assuming it is so called it’s eye catching, heart clenching name because of the amount of sound such a small box can give off.  For a small box, it has a few additional features…

  • Volume, Tone and Gain control
  • Single channel hybrid
  • Tube preamp with solid state power amp
  • Aux input for MP3 or CD
  • 20W
  • 1 – 12AX7

and that is besides the fact that it is one of the “Terror” range. Perhaps it is time to ensure my terror is micro and it is not all that frightening… JUST  LOUD!!

2901, 2014

Amaretto Disaronno

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If you have not heard of Amaretto, then you have no idea what you are missing. Amaretto is a sweet almond Italian liqueur. If you like almonds and liqueurs then you will love this drink. A word of warning, it is so easy to drink that it is very easy to over do it and find you are more drunk than you thought you were!

Skip past the usual warnings of alcohol and then come to the enjoyment. Amaretto is a catch name for all the Italian almond liqueurs, however Amaretto Disaronno is a brand name. I have tried a huge range of Italian almond liqueurs but none seem to be quite as great tasting as Disaronno.

Disaronno has become a marketing name as it originates from Saronno (Di Saronno). They also claim that the recipe has been unchanged since 1525 and I do believe that. After all, why mess […]