Tesco Direct

Did you hear, Tesco has released a new and updated catalogue. And currently, you can get triple points on every order. Yippee!!

Marks & Spencer’s – M&S

Marks & Sparks as it is sometimes affectionately known is a well known huge department store. They are in my list of favourite shops. You can say that Marksies is split into quite a few departments but mainly they do:- Clothing (Men, Women, Children & Babies) and Lingerie Footwear / Shoes (Men, Women & Children) [...]


  Oddbins is a wine merchant who frequently has great offers. They have 12 wine merchant of the year awards. You can buy yourself all sorts of wine from table wine to the finest wines you can wish for. Besides wine they also sell:- Malt Whiskies Champagnes Sparkling Wines Fortified Wines Spirits Aperitifs Liqueurs They have [...]

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Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days offer some amazing Days out. Give them as a gift or just treat yourself. I cannot decide which to choose. I bet nor will you. You can chose from:- Rally Driving Motor Racing 4x4 Driving Flying Lesson Balloon Flight Body Flying Rafting Sailing PowerBoating Relaxation Day Make Over Wines Books Bungee Jump [...]

John Lewis

The John Lewis Department stores probably need no introduction to you. But in case you do.... John Lewis is a department store whose motto is "Never Knowingly Undersold". Bear in mind that they do not apply this motto to their online store. They do however sell things online at the same prices as their stores, [...]


Tesco - every little helps! I am sure that you do not need any introduction to Tesco, but I must go on a little bit about Tesco because they are far from being just a grocery store! Tesco originated as a grocery store slowly conquering the market and becoming what it is today. Tesco has [...]