A letter from Santa

Christmas is coming like it or not. But if you have kids, remember Santa is what makes Xmas. And there is nothing more fun than receiving a letter from Santa Claus except perhaps for a er PRESENT!

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Oh to be a teenager again when your biggest worries are "acne serums that work" and "exams". People always said that it is the easiest tie and I never believed thinking... how can you not remember what it was like? Three kids later and oh boy! Taking responsibility for 3 other people besides yourself is [...]

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Winter is upon us and the chill is setting in. And all I can think of is ways to get cosy. Hot chocolate, cashmere sweaters, cosy bed socks, electric blankets and fleece. And snuggling up to my hubby. As for shopping in the rain... pretty abysmal but still retail therapy. So yes, despite the weather [...]

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Party Time

Our Party yesterday was a great success. Shame about the hang over! And I do wish I saw this offer before the Party! Maybe for our next party.

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The great thing about the Internet and shopping, is that you can find anything and everything. There are obviously different ways you can search for things like using a free web directory. You will find that directories unless very specific eg wedding directories will be a tad lacking as they rely on people knowing about [...]

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Being Insured

Why do auto insurance companies seem to only insure you on a car. I would love it if I could buy personal drivers insurance. This would mean that I could drive any car whenever I needed or wanted. I needed to drive a friend's car recently and I thought I could just drive it. Only for [...]

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If like me, you are forever buying stuff, then probably like me, your house is full to bursting. So what can you do? Well you can throw out what you don't use, sell it using places like eBay or recycle it. Personally I hate the first option, because if I bought it (unless I really [...]

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I was asked if I was going to do a Seattle job search as I want to return to being a psychologist. I must admit I did find it funny to be asked that because I wanted to go back into psychology. I guess Frasier is what comes to mind (hence Seattle). The money might be good but [...]

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My Job

After my mentioning my job, someone asked me what I did. When I said I was a psychologist, I was asked if I did Mesothelioma treatment. I don't because I am not a doctor but a counsellor and that would need to be treated by a doctor. And in case you are wondering, no I [...]

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Sell Sell Sell or is it Buy Buy Buy?

The point of purchase displays is to sell sell sell or is it to buy buy buy? I don't know but what I do know is the amount of extra bits I seem to collect as I head to the till. They all catch my eye and I find it hard so hard to resist especially [...]

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