Boxing Day !

Yay! It's boxing day which means the start of sales... time to hit the shops and the best bit you can do it all from your laptop while watching a nice classic movie!bupropion xl 300mg

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Merry Christmas

Here is to hoping that you have a Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas from Shopaholic!buy viagra made by pflizer

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Back from Holiday

We have just returned back from holiday and the weather is miserable. It's wet, damp, and windy! It is time to store away those swimming things and pop off to buy some womens boots for me and wellies for the kids. Oh and Jackets to Boot!  (Hope that is not too cliche!) I cannot believe that summer [...]

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Friday 13th

Superstitous anyone? Generally I always found Friday the 13th particularly lucky. Maybe it is just the way I see things but it is good I guess. The mentality of glass half full or empty. Examples:-  I had a dentist appointment on Friday the 13th as a kid, and my thought was, "It did not hurt [...]

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Mothering Sunday

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. And to all Mothers - Happy Mother's Day. May your little treasure bring you little treasures.

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I told you that this year I had something planned rather than a gift for my hubby. And this is what I planned... I started by preparing a home made card with the kids, planning a great meal with a fantastic dessert to be served with dimmed pendant lighting or candle light followed by a romantic [...]

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Happy New Year

I do hope that 2011 brings some real customer service and that common sense becomes a tad more common.... Have a Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope Santa got you what you wanted. If not, remember sales start tomorrow!!

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A lighter touch!

My son can be so funny sometimes.. he overheard a friend of mine and I speaking about itching, allergies and allergy treatment austin and when I told him not to interupt prompt said, "but Mummy I am itchy all over" and proceeded to start scratching away. Needless to say a quick dose on his DS (what [...]

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