New Title

This is a raw paragraph This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is another block This is a caption This is my content and I can write what I [...]

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Brand Names

Just a funny thought. Have you ever noticed how people sometimes refer to an object by a brand name. Here are some examples:- Hoover instead of Vacuum Cleaner Panadol instead of Paracetamol Nurofen instead of Ibuprofen Post It instead of Sticky Note Coke instead of Cola Gaffer Tape instead of Duct Tape Vaseline instead of [...]

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Where does the time go? Somehow I managed to not update my precious blog for a month. I know the reason why... and I will disclose it all to you slowly. I have been on a shopping spree. Yay! I will disclose all my purchases and my opinions of them in the very near future! [...]

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Now this is Shopping!

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Where does the time go? Oh yes it is school summer holidays.... time to run after the kids again and must buy another ball!

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A cure to being a Shopaholic?

I love being a Shopaholic, all the lovely stuff you get. The side effect to this is that it costs lots of money. So whilst doing what a Shopaholic does - Shopping - I came across this auction on ebay. So I wondered what would happen if you purchased -1. Do they give you money? [...]

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Jessops RIP

Another one bites the dust. Jessops has also gone into liquidation. This is exactly the opposite of what I was hoping for. It is such a great shame. I guess the high street will not cope unless it catches up with the information age. My impression is that people have not understood that they need [...]

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Happy New Year

It is a New Year, and I would like to wish you a prosperous 2013. Over the last few years it has been rather terrible on the economy. It has meant good sales but it has also meant the demise of viagra pfizer india several big establishments. Without shops, there is nothing. Scary prospect. So here [...]

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New Look

Have you fill viagra perscription seen the new look of this site? It has been updated. I'm still getting to grips with it. But it is pink and pretty. So here is to a trial run and then we can see from there what adjustments need to be made. Feedback appreciated. :)

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. May this year be filled full of lots of bargains and hopefully I can guide you to some excellent ones too!online viagra in u s

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