Cool Travels

My brother has been travelling round the world and we were catching up. If only it were me. He was telling me of all his bargains from cheap nike sunglasses to designer clothes and clothes made to measure for less than regular shop prices. Mind you, I suppose if it were me, I would still [...]

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Holiday Horrors!

I must admit that I was aware that I have put on weight and I am aware that when you visit a hot country you tend to swell a bit from all the water you drink... but argh... I could not fit into my swimsuit!! What a nightmare!! I have decided to go on a [...]

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I love my navigation system (SAT NAV/ GPS). Literally I can get anywhere without any hassle whatsoever. You put in your postcode or address and bob's your uncle. You take a wrong turn and my system automatically reroutes me the shortest way. Absolutely fab. Then there are the extras besides getting from A to B [...]

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April Fool

It's that time of year and time to play tricks. We were wondering how our 5 year old would react to a trick being played on him. We contemplated a number of items from The Joke Shop but decided to leave it until next year. And a jolly good thing it was too because we [...]

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Family News

I just heard that my brother has decided to embark on an online business degree while working as cabin crew and seeing the world. I must say that is life. Mind you, when I worked as cabin crew, I spent as much as I earnt. I liked the high life but it was high maintenance too. [...]

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Icy Fingers … Not!

As strange as it sounds I like winter. I like the cold dark nights, the smokiness when you blow out into the cold air, and best of all the warmth when you get indoors. I like sitting by a glowing fire and drinking hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. I like huddling up with my hubby on [...]

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My geography is absolutely terrible. I never knew that Branson was in Missouri, which meant that I never considered a Branson vacation, which is a shame because it seems to have loads of appeal. I suppose the reality is that if I had to travel to the US with the kids, I would still probably [...]

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Holiday Time

I know we really need a holiday. All the signs are there... the irritability, the need for sleep, the need for sun and the need for some serious relaxation. When after you put the kids to bed all you can do is flunk down in front of tv and slob around, you know you need [...]

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An alternative

I wonder if I could convince my son that he wants to go to the states next summer instead of Lapland. I could use DisneyLand as the carrot. And perhaps we could do a little travelling too. Perhaps getting miami car rental to be able to drive to some other state. Hmm... I really don't know [...]

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My son keeps asking us to take him to lapland again to meet Santa.And where I really would like to, with 3 kids in tow it would cost a fortune. Simply just by buying the equipment for 5 people it would cost hundreds of pounds. You would need:- Snow Suits Snow Boots Thermal Underwear Zeal [...]

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