Ball Pit

I bought a ball pit for my kids which they love but I keep having to completely pack it away because of the neighbour hood cats who try to mark everything and I mean everything. So I thought about getting a ball pit cover but they are not easy to come by and when you do [...]

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April Fool

This year unlike past years where I always buy a trick from The Joke Shop to play on someone, I was too busy with trying to travel to visit family over Easter. So when I received a call telling me that my brother was not going to join us, I immediately put it down to [...]

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Can you believe it... woolies is back!! Ok! It is only available online and not quite as good as it used to be... but its back. They have a limited selection but they do have entertainment items, Ladybird clothing and toys! So I am off to test them... and will let you know how it [...]

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I am trying to work on a reward chart with my son. So far it seems to be working well. Everytime he does something good he gets a sticker for his reward chart. However when he disobeys he gets told that now he will not get his star (removing a sticker is not as easy [...]

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The Joke Shop Competition

The Joke Shop has given us the opportunity to run a competition with lots of goodies to win!! The reason for the competition is that April Fool is creeping upon us... and as you know April Fool is the day where you can pull all sorts of tricks!! The goodies are all supplied from The [...]

ELC Major Christmas Discounts

ELC are really trying their best to capture as many toys sales as possible in the lead up to Christmas. Which is a good thing for you and I who probably have a list as long as Santa's to fulfill!! So, this year ELC have severals products on offer (some may change until Christmas though) [...]

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Woolies have a sale.... Including a laptop at under £250!! Plus if you click on the Woolworths link below and use this code WWCLEAROUT you get a further 10% discount.... Cool HUH!! I just bought a laptop!!

True Shopaholics!

Sometimes I think that I am not a shopaholic at all. I love shopping and I do buy a whole bunch of stuff including unnecessary items. But I seriously think that this takes the biscuit and perhaps the coffee, dinner and a few books too!! Someone thought that it was a great idea to buy [...]

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Lazy Town

Lazy Town has become such a big hit, you would be surpirsed. My toddler son was invited to a Sportacus Party at the Gym. Needless to say, we bought the Birthday Boy a Lazy Town Themed present of a pair of Sportacus Roller Skates. This meant also buying a pair for our son too because [...]

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Littlewoods have a sale of up to 70% off. I cannot resist sales and I do like littlewoods. I wonder if they deliver to IOM?