You know its good…

You know it is good fun when the fad keeps returning and returning. And it looks like the Yoyo is here to stay. My mum has fond memories of her yoyo as a girl. I have fond memories of my yoyo times and now my son has asked for his duncan yoyo or buzz lightyear yoyo. [...]

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April Fools

This was the first year my 6 year old was really into April Fools Day. He spent all day playing tricks on us. The biggest shame was that I did not think he would be into it or I would have popped into The Joke Shop and bought some stuff. He would have been in [...]

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Night Vision

I found a really cool gadget. I am sure it would make a great present for my hubby or for my sons very shortly. eotech have come up with a gadget that not only does night vision but holographic night vision. It means you can see everything in 3D whilst in complete darkness. I think [...]

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So my son came home from school one day and complained his arm was sore. I asked why and he said he was punched by a girl friend of his. Knowing the girl, I was perplexed so I asked him why? He then explained they were playing toro zero turn. This is played when they [...]

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April Fool

It's that time of year and time to play tricks. We were wondering how our 5 year old would react to a trick being played on him. We contemplated a number of items from The Joke Shop but decided to leave it until next year. And a jolly good thing it was too because we [...]

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My son went to a party and came back with a balloon (as is often the case). The nice bit was that for once it was done decently and HiFloated - and this means that the balloon lasts at least a week... which means a happy child for a week. So when buying balloons - get [...]

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My Discovery

Ok.. I have made a great discovery... Our Wii is best fat burner and fitness thing ever. It is fun. It is competitive. It is challenging. It is encouraging. You can check your calories burnt. You can keep your time exercised. It actually helps you improve. It encourages you to return and to improve. And it [...]

The power of advertising

My son is so cute... he said we needed a ps3 keyboard for our Wii! It is amazing the power of advertising especially on a 4 / 5 year old. When I tried to explain it is only for PS3 and we don't have one... his logical answer was to buy one! Considering we have a [...]

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My friend's little gorgeous daughter is really into making up necklaces and jewellery from beads. I was thinking that perhaps I could get her some beading tools as a birthday present. I am not quite sure how she currently makes hers. I should ask her mum in case she already has some. I remember fondly making [...]

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Gadget Shop

The gadget shop has gone under again! It ceased trading at 5pm today. So between you and me, I place my vote on The Joke Shop any day for all your toys and gadgets! (Even if someone tried to resuscitate it).

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