HP Deskjet 3050

I needed a wireless printer to make life a tad easier and I bought an HP Deskjet 3050. It's RRP is £100 but I paid half price at £55. The one thing I did not take into account was that although I thought I wanted a basic printer, I didn't!ciprofloxacin 1000mg So let me start [...]

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The new method!

My 5 year old is really into his shopping scanners. Whether it is a Honeywell Barcode Scanner or just an app on our mobile, he justs adores it. He wants to scan everything. You see scanning is the new way to shop particularly grocery shopping but all sorts of shopping. In the case of grocery shopping, [...]

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Project Managing

I am running a project from another country and encountering a few difficulties. My biggest is the ability to kick peoples backside when they let you down. I find conference call services help when you get through to people but getting through is another matter. And the reason I am project managing the job, is [...]

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I love my navigation system (SAT NAV/ GPS). Literally I can get anywhere without any hassle whatsoever. You put in your postcode or address and bob's your uncle. You take a wrong turn and my system automatically reroutes me the shortest way. Absolutely fab. Then there are the extras besides getting from A to B [...]

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Batteries have come a long way... you can particularly see this from mobile phones. A decade ago they were the size of bricks and last 4 hours on standby. Phones came with a second battery as standard. Today a Nokia can last a week on standby and light usage. So they have come a long [...]

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Night Vision

I found a really cool gadget. I am sure it would make a great present for my hubby or for my sons very shortly. eotech have come up with a gadget that not only does night vision but holographic night vision. It means you can see everything in 3D whilst in complete darkness. I think [...]

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A special gift!

Getting personal gifts for him (the hubby) is always next to impossible. So when he came up to me and asked for a phone, how could I refuse. Admittedly it cost a small fortune but then I never seem to buy him anthing substantial. It always seems to be chocolates, ties and socks. This is [...]

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We saw some TV's in the shops today, and we are still arguing over what to get. You see I would like one of these new 3d Tv's but hubby says they are too new! He complains about HD TV's because not everything is HD and when something is transmitted and is not HD, the visual is [...]

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USB Drives

I needed to get myself a usb drive to store some work on and my hubby gave me a purple one. I was made up with it and said that it was made for me because it was purple and made it feel feminine rather than just a gadget. He laughed at me and told me [...]

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My hubby asked if he could buy a modem. He wanted a newer version to replace the one we have. Ideally a bit faster and wireless. I, stupidly, expected it to cost £10 - £20. So when it arrived, it was an all singing, all dancing version. So curiously I asked how much it was. [...]

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