I just had a great idea, or maybe it is a midnight spur of the moment idea but I was thinking that this year instead of Christmas cards, I would make postcards with a pre-printed message. I mean after all postcard printing is probably cheaper than Christmas cards, you can do without envelopes, you don't have to [...]

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Baby Parties

I was looking at some baby shower invitations and really regretted not having a baby shower for the twins. The truth is I was so tired, there was no way I could organize it. I barely managed their Christening, let alone adding the baby shower. You would think that as it was prior to the babies [...]

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Christmas is upon us and I can bet that you are busy shopping away. I thought of a quick and easy gift to send to all my relatives overseas. Cheap to post and very personal. I am talking about photos! And to make it even better, besides being able to claim 50 free prints by clicking the [...]

Neat Ideas

Neat Ideas is a great place to get stationary from. First of all it is cheap. One of the cheapest I found anyway. I have been using them for around 5 years now and have never been able to complain. And that is pretty impressive from someone who likes to complain especially when things go [...]

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Littlewoods have a sale of up to 70% off. I cannot resist sales and I do like littlewoods. I wonder if they deliver to IOM?

Tesco Direct

Did you hear, Tesco has released a new and updated catalogue. And currently, you can get triple points on every order. Yippee!!


OK, I must admit perhaps I am a little bit drunk. It is a saturday night after all. But I was thinking of making a banner stand for my hubby's birthday. It could say something like "Happy Birthday Owen! Love from all of us". We could use it ever year too! LOL! And it should embarrass [...]

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Baby Cards

I wish I found these when my son was born. They are a really lovely way of letting people know about your new bundle of joy. They will be dispatched within 3 days and are not even expensive. Perhaps another baby?  

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I have been searching for a place to buy cheap DVDs. Hubby dearest bought this DVD recorder which is fantastic for recording off TV. We have endless episodes of Big Cook Little Cook on DVD. But it does mean that we need extra DVDs to record them to. I also need DVDs to save my [...]

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Office supply outfitters

I like my HP Laser Printer. But it can sometimes be a pain to buy the HP C9704A toner drum unit for it. Thankfully there are some places that are easier than others to get it from. Office Supply Outfitters can supply all your ink needs. They sell toner cartridges, ink jet catridges, copier toner, printer [...]

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