Awards and Sports Day

A couple of years ago my son came first in sports day. He was naturally delighted and loved his trophy. He would show it to anyone who cared to listen (namely family members who humoured him and let him speak about it). Sadly after a year had passed we received a letter asking him to [...]

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I know you can get some great basketball gifts at and I found this out when I was looking at considering basketball as a fitness activity for me in the new year. It would be more fun than exercising at the gym on static machinery like a walker! Problem is you need a group. And when you are [...]

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I just came across our ski stuff and just realised that I lost a pair of ski goggles! I mean seriously, how do you lose a pair of goggles? I can understand a glove but goggles? And I thought I had 2 pairs... but I have none! Seriously, it is not like I can do [...]

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Uniform Time

Argh! It's uniform time. It is always so expensive and you have to leave it to the last minute because kids grow like weeds. Unless you are great at estimating their growth and then you can take advantage of early special offers then it is expensive. This is my unform list:- School Uniform equestrian clothing [...]

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Icy Fingers … Not!

As strange as it sounds I like winter. I like the cold dark nights, the smokiness when you blow out into the cold air, and best of all the warmth when you get indoors. I like sitting by a glowing fire and drinking hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. I like huddling up with my hubby on [...]

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My son has started horse riding recently and it is amazing how much an equestrian hobby can cost. And we are not talking just the cost of the lessons but all the riding gear:- the helmet, the jodhpurs, the boots, the back brace, etc etc. Thankfully his teacher is great. Because she knows how quickly they [...]

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My Discovery

Ok.. I have made a great discovery... Our Wii is best fat burner and fitness thing ever. It is fun. It is competitive. It is challenging. It is encouraging. You can check your calories burnt. You can keep your time exercised. It actually helps you improve. It encourages you to return and to improve. And it [...]

Shoe Fit

The latest trend is shoe fitness. Shoes like FitFlops and mbt shoes are meant  fit to help people get fit without much effort. It works by simply making a person keep working at mantaining their balance. They look a lot like platforms though they are curved rather than flat. Personally I don't like their look but [...]

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My son keeps asking us to take him to lapland again to meet Santa.And where I really would like to, with 3 kids in tow it would cost a fortune. Simply just by buying the equipment for 5 people it would cost hundreds of pounds. You would need:- Snow Suits Snow Boots Thermal Underwear Zeal [...]

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My son has started attending sports sessions over the mid term school break at our local sports centre. It is not that I am expecting him to start winning basketball trophies but it does keep him very active. And the best bit is I get to shop for stuff like new trainers, basket balls, raquets, sport clothes [...]

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