The Joke Shop Competition

The Joke Shop has given us the opportunity to run a competition with lots of goodies to win!! The reason for the competition is that April Fool is creeping upon us... and as you know April Fool is the day where you can pull all sorts of tricks!! The goodies are all supplied from The [...]

Maltese Shopping

Just back from Malta... and obviously I hit the shops. I had to get myself some traditional Maltese things as usual. Obviously I bought... Orzata - Almond Drink Twistees - Cheesy Straw Snacks Duplo (not traditional... but I cannot get it here in the uk) Nougat - For gifts

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Love is…

I thought that this was so romantic that I could not help but share with you. It is a "love beyond measure spoon". I am thinking of getting my hubby one as a token Christmas gift but I suppose they could also make unique wedding favors. Do you reckon he will get the point bearing [...]

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Just TV Stands

Finally a store that specialises in TV Stands. Just TV stands is a new store that sells all sorts of TV stands. Considering the range of TV's around... this is no mean feat. I mean what with flat screens, LCD's, traditional tellies etc. Finding the right stand is not easy to say the least. Most annoying [...]

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Christmas is upon us and I can bet that you are busy shopping away. I thought of a quick and easy gift to send to all my relatives overseas. Cheap to post and very personal. I am talking about photos! And to make it even better, besides being able to claim 50 free prints by clicking the [...]


A while back I spoke about Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses which I thought were really cheap. Well I just found out that Incredible stylish new frames from Zenni are so standard that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Can you believe that? Personally stylish specs does it for me, and if they are cheap too.... then I am a [...]

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The 3 R’s

The 3 R's. I am sure that you have heard of them. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Well now you can also buy from somewhere who also believe in the 3 R's. I am proud to promote the ethical superstore as I feel that is a small way, I also am doing my tiny bit! Who knows. [...]

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Best Party Ever

I am a partier almost as much as I am a shopaholic. I love parties. Besides my philosophy of "shop till you drop", I also really strongly believe in "any excuse for a party". And I must say, I do like to go all out for my parties. People today still talk about my 18th and [...]

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Zenni Optical

I have been looking for a place to buy cheap specs as my son keeps trying to wear mine and the idea of damaging designer specs just does not appeal to me. Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses is a pretty Great Discovery: Zenni Optical actually sell specs from $8! And the fact that they actually sell internationally [...]

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Jessops Discount Vouchers

We have sourced some amazing discount vouchers from Jessops specially for Shopaholics! The voucher codes do sound Christmassy but never fear they are valid. If you have any problems with them let me know - you can submit a comment. And if you are buying, you can always stick a spare camera lens for me [...]

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