Night Vision

I found a really cool gadget. I am sure it would make a great present for my hubby or for my sons very shortly. eotech have come up with a gadget that not only does night vision but holographic night vision. It means you can see everything in 3D whilst in complete darkness. I think [...]

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My son has started horse riding recently and it is amazing how much an equestrian hobby can cost. And we are not talking just the cost of the lessons but all the riding gear:- the helmet, the jodhpurs, the boots, the back brace, etc etc. Thankfully his teacher is great. Because she knows how quickly they [...]

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New Specs

I really must get round to buying myself some specs. Mine are literally falling apart. I keep having to tighten the screws and it has chips in the lenses and scratches. I am definately going for cheap eyeglasses because these were around £400 and well as I said they are falling apart and unimpressive. At least [...]

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I need a new pair of Specs and am thinking about checking out these people. Has anyone used them before?

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I just had a great idea, or maybe it is a midnight spur of the moment idea but I was thinking that this year instead of Christmas cards, I would make postcards with a pre-printed message. I mean after all postcard printing is probably cheaper than Christmas cards, you can do without envelopes, you don't have to [...]

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If like me, you are forever buying stuff, then probably like me, your house is full to bursting. So what can you do? Well you can throw out what you don't use, sell it using places like eBay or recycle it. Personally I hate the first option, because if I bought it (unless I really [...]

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Fish Shop

Today, I had to explain to my son that our local aquatics shop closed down to move somewhere else. As a four year old, he could not understand that concept. "But when are they going to open again?". I did promise to take him to the new shop, though I suspect he will be dissappointed [...]

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Back to work

I have been thinking that it will soon be time for me to return back to work. I have been thinking about returning to psychology but I always have my fears. You have to deal with things like abuse, disorders and disturbed people. Having to treat people for alcohol and drug addiction is quite a [...]

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Horse riding

My son goes horse riding and loves it. However, it is not a cheap hobby to say the least. As he is still young and grows like a wild flower, I am always wary about buying expensive clothing. I did think about buying some breeches though I think I might prefer to start with a helmet. However [...]

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Wholesale vs Retail

Despite loving shopping, shopping for several of the same item can be rather tedious. One of the things to running a couple of flats is the need to buy multiple sets of items. Yes you could go to places like Tesco but essentially they are not aimed at people buying multiples. This is why there are wholesales. However, [...]

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