Holiday Time

I know we really need a holiday. All the signs are there... the irritability, the need for sleep, the need for sun and the need for some serious relaxation. When after you put the kids to bed all you can do is flunk down in front of tv and slob around, you know you need [...]

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Clean Carpets!

Having three kids and three cats means that our carpets are in a rather awful condition. I did think about replacing them now my first child is older but then I got pregnant again and realised just how silly replacing them now really is. And today proved it. This is a day in the life of [...]

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New Beginnings

After such a sombre post, I felt I needed to review something positive. There is nothing more positive than new beginnings and weddings are a perfect example of a new beginning. So, here goes.... I picked the Mori Lee website because it felt fresh and new. It is nice to see something positive amidst all [...]

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One of the nicest things about having lost some weight is all the styles of Jeans I can fit into. And apparently this season it is all about the details. This is fantastic by my books, because I think detail really turns an average pair of Jeans into a fantastic pair. The thing is this, [...]

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A while back I spoke about Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses which I thought were really cheap. Well I just found out that Incredible stylish new frames from Zenni are so standard that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Can you believe that? Personally stylish specs does it for me, and if they are cheap too.... then I am a [...]

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Best Party Ever

I am a partier almost as much as I am a shopaholic. I love parties. Besides my philosophy of "shop till you drop", I also really strongly believe in "any excuse for a party". And I must say, I do like to go all out for my parties. People today still talk about my 18th and [...]

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Zenni Optical

I have been looking for a place to buy cheap specs as my son keeps trying to wear mine and the idea of damaging designer specs just does not appeal to me. Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses is a pretty Great Discovery: Zenni Optical actually sell specs from $8! And the fact that they actually sell internationally [...]

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Diamonds are forever!

I adore diamonds whatever the cut. Each has its own beauty! I simply cannot resist them. I particularly love eternity or anniversary rings that are completely surrounded by diamonds. These are actually quite hard to find but I found that James Allen actually sells them. They obviously do all sorts of other rings like wedding rings [...]

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Locks of Love

Unfortunately life is not all about shopping. Sometimes we need to give a little as well as to receive. So I want to tell you about my current favourite charity - Locks of Love. Locks of Love create wigs for children who suffer from hair loss as a result of a medical illness such as [...]

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My Solitaire

My Solitaire sell a whole range of jewellery, including a birth stone collection, a childrens selection, men's jewellery, wedding bands and pearls. You can also buy loose gem stones and diamonds which is a rare thing. You also get a certificate of authenticity. This is very important to have especially for insurance purposes. What really strikes [...]

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