With the Credit Crunch hitting everywhere shops are really doing their best to sell. The government also contributed to helping sales by reducing VAT to 15%. And this has resulted in amazing prices all over the place. What has really impressed me was the low prices on TV's. And I am not talking just about [...]

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Just TV Stands

Finally a store that specialises in TV Stands. Just TV stands is a new store that sells all sorts of TV stands. Considering the range of TV's around... this is no mean feat. I mean what with flat screens, LCD's, traditional tellies etc. Finding the right stand is not easy to say the least. Most annoying [...]

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Buying a Franchise

There are all sorts of shopping. You can shop for necessity (grocery shopping), you can shop for pleasure (my favourite type - clothes, jewellery etc) and you can shop for business (stationery, wholesale, and businesses themselves). As a shopaholic, I have practically experienced all types of shopping. I have obviously bought groceries, and obviously shopped [...]

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Updating our kitchen

I would love it if I could change our kitchen but with the horrible current economic situation, well you have to be a bit careful. The truth is I do not need to change my kitchen as it is pretty functional, but it would be nice to have a change. So I need a nice [...]

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I am trying to decoration a house which will be rented out. There is so much to take into consideration such as Window Treatments, Drapes, Valances, Swags, etc. The list goes on. I could hire a professional but then where would that leave me. I would lose out on all that shopping, which for me [...]

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Big A** Fans

Someone recently pointed me in the direction of a website called Big Ass Fans! Now where were they when I lived in Malta? I could have done with such a Big Ass Fan! Ok admittedly they are industrial fans but have you got any idea how hot Malta can be?

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I found a place that sell really cheap specs. If like me you use specs (and have a toddler) it is always good to know where you can get a cheap pair of specs from. Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! I mean eight dollars? Makes you wonder why mosts specs cost well over [...]

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I am looking at Bathroom Suites, as I need one for our house in Staines. I need to fit the bathroom in a smallish room. I want to put in a bath but perhaps a shower would be more practical. Though having one person come over to give me a quote he said it was [...]

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I am trying to do up one of our houses. Hence all the house shopping posts you may be reading recently. One of the things I am doing is changing the bathroom. So I am looking for things like shower heads, taps, and obviously a bathroom suite! The bits themselves are reasonably priced. The problem [...]

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is most often used for companies who do business across states, countries and even continents. Now can you imagine what video conferencing can do for shopping? You can get sales service from the comfort of home. You can check things out and get sales people to demonstrate the products or try them on so [...]

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