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Digital Cameras

A friend was asking me what I thought about digital cameras and what my advice is bearing in mind that I enjoy a good snapping session and have a half decent camera. Oddly despite being able to discuss it at length, I could also summarise it easily too. There are 2 types of cameras - [...]

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1st Deal of the Year

cytotec pricing I have already found you a great deal for this year. Besides the sales which Jessops currently has... you can also get some money off your total spend. You can actually get up to £50 off, so that could go towards another lens or even just photo printing. And the best bit is [...]

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Great Jessops Offers

While trying to find some vouchers for cheap prints, I came across these fantastic deals at Jessops for big spends online. Up to £50 off and free delivery!! cialis mail order

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BUY.COM has multiple bases including USA, UK, Italy, Canada, France, Germany and Spain which pretty much means they are as international as you can get. What really impressed me was the price of this Polaroid I1437 Compact Digital Camera. At £60 for a 14 MP, it is cheap especially considering it is a Polaroid. And it has [...]

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I need to get myself some wireless cctv cameras. I mostly need them for the playroom but being wireless means I can move them around the house as necessary (like to keep an eye out on a kid in punishment). What I really would love is a discreet wireless cam like a pen. It would [...]

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In the past, you went on holiday, took photos, got back and took your film for processing. You then stuck them in an album and forgot about them. With digital today, you go on holiday, take photos and download to your computer and then forget about them. However there is so much you can do. [...]

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1st Day at school

Tomorrow is my son's first day at school. How time flies. Only yesterday I got him home from hospital. And now... School. I must get everything ready. His uniform, his school bag, his pencil box, my camcorder and my camera (to take lots of photos to remember this day), tissues (to wipe my tears), my alarm [...]

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One of my other hobbies besides shopping is photography. It does give the added benefit of all the extra shopping but it can build up in cost. However most people do not need to go into exorbitant expense as most are into point and shoot photography. This is why digital cameras are fantastic, you point, you [...]

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Mobile Phones

I saw the phone that I would like to buy, now that I decided to withhold my spending for a while. Yes, I am trying to be prudent in this economic crisis. I must say that the shops are making it so hard with all the promotions available. Anyway, I digress, I love the new [...]

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