My cousin has just got engaged. I am so excited for her. She must however be more excited with all the preparations. There is no better shopping than bridal shopping, except perhaps baby shopping. I must be careful or before she knows it I might take over all her shopping from her bridal shower invitationsto [...]

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Monogrammed Jewelry

I must say I am a sucker for personalised & monogrammed jewelry. You see, I have a rather uncommon name which means that I never find anything personalised. However, with jewelry they tend to personalise it for you, which in my eyes makes it special and it also means they can write my name. Lauren Klein has [...]

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Remember how I said that I would keep reviewing diet pills and supplements. I have just found out that you can lose weight using HCG. HCG is a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is the horomone which is used to check if you are pregnant or not and is also used in fertility treatment. [...]

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My brother is studying dentistry and is at the point of doing a hard exam. Well I guess any exam in dentistry must be hard but this might be harder than most. I was thinking of getting him a present but was not sure what to get him. Although he probably has lab coats galore, [...]

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Shopping woes!

Sometimes being pregnant can be a bit of a nightmare. I am sort of off shopping. You would think it would be a perfect excuse to shop, shop and shop. But no... I can barely be bothered to even get my maternity bag packed, let alone shop for the contents! I am feeling big and [...]

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Decorating the cloak room!

I am in the process of decorating the cloakroom. So far I have added the basics like a toilet paper holder, towel rail, hand soap and a plant. I need to get some carpeting and perhaps a new towel (rather than my bog standard ones). I also need some smell fighting device. I was perhaps [...]

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My hubby was on and on about golf. He said he wants to take it up and wants a golf set. He went on and on about mens drivers and tees!! At first I thought he was just losing it when he spoke of teas and drivers but then he spelt it out to me... [...]

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I have come across these Benchmark rings which really caught my eye. They are made of tungsten but I am not sure I know much about tungsten. I did a search on wikipedia for Tungsten but really I was not enlightened. What I do know is that the prices are reasonable and the rings look [...]

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Shoulder Pain

A friend of mine has been suffering from shoulder pain. Someone suggested to her that she gets a shoulder pain pump. With my being an obvious shopaholic she turned to me to ask me where to buy one. I was stumped. I mean we are not talkin

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Love is…

Aren't these love glass coaster wedding favors simply adorable? I think they make really great coasters with a touch of romance. I know they were intended as wedding favours and I know that they would not do for a male apartment, but if you are female (or a new couple) I think they could add [...]

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