Isn't the selmer alto saxophone at guitar center a beauty? Sometimes I think I like the saxophone as a result of watching too much Simpsons a decade or two ago! I mean can't you imagine Lisa Simpson playing on one? Lisa Simpson and Saxophones have become synonymous right? Seriously speaking, I do enjoy listening to the Saxophone [...]

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I thought this was interesting. I noticed that mesa boogie from musicians friend were only available as used products. I would have expected them to also be selling new products but every mesa boogie available was used. It made me wonder why but honestly I am still stumped. There are only 2 reviews and they are good [...]

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Music Lessons

Ok perhaps Music Lessons are not the most tangible thing that you buy but none the less it is a service that you purchase. Which makes me think about the way we approach purchasing of lessons. I know my attitude to finding a harp teacher to a piano teacher differed significantly. With the harp teacher, [...]

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Is it Out of Stock?

When you search for an item and come up with the message below, you know you probably have found a good and popular item. "We're sorry, but  classic beyerdynamic dt 770 pro at wwbw Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms is unable to be added to the cart at this time. This generally due to the [...]

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Disco time

My eldest son has started having the odd disco at school. This is obviously making me feel old but the kids seem to love it.  They run around rather than dance but they have a great time none the less. The school uses some great Venue Lights, a DJ and lots and lots of glow sticks. [...]

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Harp vs Guitar Cases

As you know we recently purchased a rather pricey instrument. We bought a harp. As it is so pricey and it does need transporting, we thought we would invest in a carry case. A canvas carry case cost us over £300!! Can you believe that! Considering the harp is expensive, I did not feel like [...]

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Pretty Things!

My daughter is really into pretty gemstone jewelry. She saw a similar bracelet to this and asked for one. At $28 dollars it is not going to break the bank and it is pretty. My only reservations are that, she wants a pink one and pink is not her birthstone. Should it matter? It really shouldn't [...]

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Micro Terror

Who would have thought that a great orange micro terror at musicians friend was just a hybrid guitar amp? Well not I but there you have it. I am assuming it is so called it's eye catching, heart clenching name because of the amount of sound such a small box can give off.  For a small box, [...]

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I am probably not the best person to review the BCF2000 but from the little that I do know and understand I can give you my opinion. I think it is a good starting midi controller at a good price. If you are after something very proffessional and you know your stuff then you probably [...]

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Lapel Microphone

It is amazing just how far technology keeps going. I am not that old but I remember being at school and being taught to project my voice so that everyone can hear me because it was essentially easier to rely on the children being able to project their voices than to get good performance from [...]

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