Pairs in Pears

amoxicillin generic As you can imagine moving is far more stressful than you can imagine. Add to that my father being in hospital and the kids having chicken pox. It was a nightmare. Most toys and books were packed up and we were trying to maintain life as usual, including learning and playing. As [...]

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I don't know if you have heard of Kopi coffee but recently I had the opportunity to try it and I must say that I am intrigued. Let me tell you how it works. Basically they offer a coffee subscription service which sends you 250g of coffee every month for a fixed fee - £48 for 6 months [...]

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If you have pets like me, then you know the frustrations of pet hair. I did not realise just how bad things were until I tested CarPET. I used it on a patch a foot square that had already been vacuumed with a pet hair vacuum cleaner. And in a couple of sweeps, you can [...]

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Kids First

I have a great belief in enhancing everything you can to give children the best start in life. Fish Oil is renowned for being a brain booster. So, obviously I have been giving them my kids since they were old enough. I remember my mum giving me Cod Liver Oil as a spoonful and it was [...]

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Icy Fingers … Not!

As strange as it sounds I like winter. I like the cold dark nights, the smokiness when you blow out into the cold air, and best of all the warmth when you get indoors. I like sitting by a glowing fire and drinking hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. I like huddling up with my hubby on [...]

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The Golden Prince

I must say that I really enjoyed reading The Golden Prince, by Rebecca Dean. It bears a similar story line to Prince William who is in love with a regular girl. In the book, The Golden Prince, is in love with someone, who although from a noble family is not royal and they have to [...]

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Something Special

We had a wedding recently and I paid a lot of attention to what my kids were wearing. My daughter had a nice new dress, my sons were in suits. And I had not got round to buying myself anything. Despite being a shopaholic, with twin babies, most of my shopping is online and er [...]

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Chocolate & Love

I know that I said I would review coffee but I thought perhaps I could review something coffee-like! I discovered Chocolate & Love and their "expresso beans". Devine. So I thought let's review a sample selection of their chocolate. For obvious coffee reasons, I will start with my Expresso Beans:- Expresso Beans : Dark chocolate [...]

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