Star Wars Party

My son wanted a Star Wars Party. You would think that this would be an easy job. Pop out buy some Star Wars Party ware and Bob's your uncle. Well not quite! Apparently it is the wrong season for Star Wars parties. I ended up going on Ebay and ordering some stuff... but most of [...]

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Do you have any idea how much there is to know about balloons? If you walk into a shop and ask for balloons for a party, you would think that the first question they would ask you would be how many? Not so. You need to know if you want air or helium, latex or [...]

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My son went to a party and came back with a balloon (as is often the case). The nice bit was that for once it was done decently and HiFloated - and this means that the balloon lasts at least a week... which means a happy child for a week. So when buying balloons - get [...]

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I must say that I am so proud of my efforts. I prepared my son's invitations for his 5th Birthday Party. It is Toy Story themed, so I put a picture of Buzz Lightyear but with my son's face instead. I used full color printing and printed on card. So far they have been a huge [...]

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OK here is my question. A child goes to a party. So who should give thank you cards. The child who enjoyed the party? Or the child who received the present? Or should they both send out Thank You notes? I think the protocol is the child who receives the present sends a Thank You [...]

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Guy Fawkes Night

We were invited to a friends tonight. She made some amazing Goulash. I could not stop eating. So much for the diet. There might be weight loss pills that work on the market, but if I keep eating like that they would be pointless. On the plus side, we had a great time. The kids had [...]

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Guy Fawkes

Today is Guy Fawkes night. Traditionally bonfires are lit and nowadays fireworks. So we bought some fireworks for the night and lit them. However you needed steiner binoculars to be able to see them. Ok I am exaggerating slightly but only slightly. I must check the brand because I highly recommend against ever buying this brand. I [...]

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Birthday Picnic

I have decided to throw the twins an early birthday party here in IOM as we will actually be in Malta for their birthday. And I am planning a picnic. I thought to make life easier all round, I will have a food bag for every kid. So I wanted to get sandwich boxes for [...]

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Party Time

It is my son's 4th Birthday shortly and I want to throw a party. My biggest problem is finding a venue... everywhere seems booked. I am panicked. I thought as long as I buy my party invitations and order a bouncy castle, all would work out smoothly. But if you don't have a place to have the [...]

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