I do not know if you have ever heard of Bolero Drinks. They are a powdered cordial. You purchase a packet and then mix it with water and voila - an instant flavoured drink. So here is the low down on it. Low Calorie Suitable for Diabetics Refreshing My kids think they are getting a [...]

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Holiday Horrors!

I must admit that I was aware that I have put on weight and I am aware that when you visit a hot country you tend to swell a bit from all the water you drink... but argh... I could not fit into my swimsuit!! What a nightmare!! I have decided to go on a [...]

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Don't eat too many chocolates or you might end up needing to join me on Weight Watchers!

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Kids First

I have a great belief in enhancing everything you can to give children the best start in life. Fish Oil is renowned for being a brain booster. So, obviously I have been giving them my kids since they were old enough. I remember my mum giving me Cod Liver Oil as a spoonful and it was [...]

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Easter Recipe – Birds Nests

I went shopping to pick up the ingredients for our Easter Recipe. I find it is something simple to do and with fantastic results as the children are kept occupied and love to eat the finished product. All you need are:- Shredded Wheat Chocolate Mini Eggs eg Cadbury Mini Eggs or if available Tesco Micro [...]

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Tesco Offer

I am always on the look out for offers, whether it is a BOGOF, 3 for 2 or even 2 for less than 2. However, I am not into offers where buying 2 costs more on offer than 2 not on offer!! Case in point.. see the image - Direct from my screen! I am [...]


I think even with the best weight loss supplements, I still cannot breastfeed. There is all this talk about how when you breastfeed you burn loads of calories. What no-one tells you is how hungry you constantly are especially when the feeding becomes haphazard and your body is unsure how much to produce.  Perhaps it [...]

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I am getting desperate. I keep saying that I am going to start my diet but instead I keep eating and obviously putting on weight. I would consider things like hoodia diet pills but because I am breastfeeding, it is not possible. But my clothes are getting tight and I am getting unhappier. :( I must, [...]

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My Discovery

Ok.. I have made a great discovery... Our Wii is best fat burner and fitness thing ever. It is fun. It is competitive. It is challenging. It is encouraging. You can check your calories burnt. You can keep your time exercised. It actually helps you improve. It encourages you to return and to improve. And it [...]


When New Year comes along, so do resolutions. And my resolution is to lose weight because I want to fit into designer clothing. You see only a few years ago, I used to walk into shops and hope they had something that fitted. I was a size 24. Today I am a size 16 which [...]

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