Wholesale or not?

When I saw the site for this site - www.wholesaleinsurance.net for the first time, I though who is the poor insecure person who buys so much insurance that he needs to buy it wholesale! Apparently I missed the point. What they meant is they put all the insurers together and you have a whole choice. [...]

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WholeSale Insurance

Wholesaleinsurance.net seems to be selling wholesale insurance... not sure I see the point of wholesale insurance except for Landlord insurance.... I mean who needs a dozen life insurance policies? Mind you perhaps their idea is more that they sell many so they can offer wholesale prices... but then don't other insurances also sell many policies? Personally [...]

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Tesco Offer

I am always on the look out for offers, whether it is a BOGOF, 3 for 2 or even 2 for less than 2. However, I am not into offers where buying 2 costs more on offer than 2 not on offer!! Case in point.. see the image - Direct from my screen! I am [...]


Last week I went on a business course. You see I was wondering if I could turn my need to shop into a money earner  such as shopping for a living. They went through everything from setting up a business plan to franchise opportunities to VAT, Accounts, Tax and Payroll. Oh my head.... but still if [...]

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I think my ideal job would be as a professional shopper but the reality is that jobs like that are hard to come by. Truth is most jobs are ok with me except for perhaps banking jobs... I don't think I could handle all that money constantly. I would would feel constantly broke handling other [...]

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The bad side

The bad side of being a shopaholic is the fact that you sign up for offers but along with it comes so much junk mail and so many scams. From scams to help someone get millions out of a country to acai scams and fake bank emails to fake websites that take your cash but not [...]

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I have been offered some work which includes locating cardboard displays and restocking them in some major shops. Don't think the money is good but work is work so I guess I will be taking them on. The best bit is taking a background look into major shops, their stock rooms and I even get to [...]

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Money can’t buy….

If you ever have an accident, you can get money!!  You suffer personal injury Tucson save the day! Well not quite because let's be honest... money cannot buy you health, love or bring back people from the dead. Admittedly it can make things easier but money is not everything. And personally I still believe if you fall, [...]

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I was watching an advert on TV and they made out that term life insurance was easy and affordable. And it is true that it can start at a really low price but by my books, you did not get much back. And I like to think I can count on life. But sadly we [...]

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Decent Job

I have been thinking of searching the healthcare job bank for a decent well paying job. At some point I need to go back to work (to pay for my shopping addiction) but when is a good question. I guess I can afford to keep my eyes open for a perfect opportunity with good pay and [...]

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