Tesco Offer

I am always on the look out for offers, whether it is a BOGOF, 3 for 2 or even 2 for less than 2. However, I am not into offers where buying 2 costs more on offer than 2 not on offer!! Case in point.. see the image - Direct from my screen! I am [...]

Taking advantage

Part of what gives me kicks with shopping is taking advantage of not only the offers but the system. However alot depends on the POS systems and the way it has been written. Example.... If you buy something from M&S online and say it is 3 for 2 and you return an item. The system actually [...]

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I love Tesco….

I must admit, I love Tesco. I even adore their clothing range by Florence & Fred. They are well priced and of decent quality. The best bit of all is that when I signed up to Tesco Clothing, I received £25 worth of vouchers to spend on clothing at Tesco. To me there is nothing [...]

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M&S Loyalty Scheme

M&S have a loyalty scheme called &More. This is a credit card. You get 1 point per pound spend at M&S including online. You get 1 point per £2.00 spent else where. If you forget your card, you cannot get your points added back on. They do send you out many incentive vouchers such as [...]

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Marks & Spencer’s – M&S

Marks & Sparks as it is sometimes affectionately known is a well known huge department store. They are in my list of favourite shops. You can say that Marksies is split into quite a few departments but mainly they do:- Clothing (Men, Women, Children & Babies) and Lingerie Footwear / Shoes (Men, Women & Children) [...]

Toys R Us – Gold Card

Toys R Us have a generous loyalty scheme. You need to apply for a gold card, but you need to do this in-store. You earn one gold point for every pound you spend, when you spend a minimum of £10.00. The more points you earn, the more money-off coupons they will send you. You can earn up [...]

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Tesco 500 Extra Points

When you place an order with Tesco you can claim 500 points. This is equivalent to £5.00 back or £20.00 worth of club card deals. Just type in code XX-HTD9 before checking out. This code is valid until the end of March 2007.

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Boots Extra Points

If you have decided to go ahead and place an order from Boots, we have an extra points coupon for you. You can claim up to 1000 points extra. This is the equivalent of £10.00 GBP. Spend £75.00 and claim 1000 points - use code KGAC43 Spend £50.00 and claim 500 points - use code KGAC34 [...]

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Loyalty Schemes

I have decided to also review Loyalty Schemes here at Shopaholic?ME? as they play a crucial part to shopping. Using a loyalty scheme can enhance pricing. With loyalty schemes you sometimes also receive discounts and vouchers or even money back. It sometimes even makes you look twice at something you would have not otherwise considered.   And, so [...]

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Tesco Club Card Deals

I received my Tesco club card deal tokens today. They always make me smile. It has been a long while coming, but I have saved enough for a holiday. This means I can spend my holiday allowance to shop shop shop. Makes me a happy shopaholic. Anyway, the reason that I saved so many points [...]

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