Pretty Things!

My daughter is really into pretty gemstone jewelry. She saw a similar bracelet to this and asked for one. At $28 dollars it is not going to break the bank and it is pretty. My only reservations are that, she wants a pink one and pink is not her birthstone. Should it matter? It really shouldn't [...]

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If you are into the latest style of bracelets like Chamilia or Pandora then you might be interested in this coupon. REEDS are currently offering new customers a welcome discount of $25 off any online purchase of $150 or more. Just enter coupon code FTV25150* at checkout. The one thing you might want to be aware of [...]

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A couple of weeks back, on a day when my hubby did loads for me and our family, we had a spot of bad luck. He lost his wedding ring. Unexpectedly and unusally, I did not react badly. I let it sink in. I think it was the fact that he was so upset and the [...]

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My friend's little gorgeous daughter is really into making up necklaces and jewellery from beads. I was thinking that perhaps I could get her some beading tools as a birthday present. I am not quite sure how she currently makes hers. I should ask her mum in case she already has some. I remember fondly making [...]

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Costume Jewellery

I am torn between two regarding costume jewelry. I have always felt that you should only wear genuine stuff but it is expensive and so you can have only limited items (therefore wear the same thing over and over again). On the other hand costume jewellery is expensive too for what it is (bits of [...]

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Selling Gold

It is amazing how suddenly everyone wants you to sell your gold and more interestingly it is very hard to discover what they want to actually pay for it. Now if you could buy gold online at the price they want to buy it at, you would be making a very good investment especially as I [...]

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I am so caught up with Christmas & the Christening.... I don't have a moment for myself. I have meanwhile been asked what gifts to get for the christening. And it left me thinking... I was thinking a Diamond Initial Pendant would be lovely for my daughter as it will always be a keepsake she will treasure. [...]

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Monogrammed Jewelry

I must say I am a sucker for personalised & monogrammed jewelry. You see, I have a rather uncommon name which means that I never find anything personalised. However, with jewelry they tend to personalise it for you, which in my eyes makes it special and it also means they can write my name. Lauren Klein has [...]

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I have come across these Benchmark rings which really caught my eye. They are made of tungsten but I am not sure I know much about tungsten. I did a search on wikipedia for Tungsten but really I was not enlightened. What I do know is that the prices are reasonable and the rings look [...]

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Diamonds are forever!

I adore diamonds whatever the cut. Each has its own beauty! I simply cannot resist them. I particularly love eternity or anniversary rings that are completely surrounded by diamonds. These are actually quite hard to find but I found that James Allen actually sells them. They obviously do all sorts of other rings like wedding rings [...]

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