A special gift!

Getting personal gifts for him (the hubby) is always next to impossible. So when he came up to me and asked for a phone, how could I refuse. Admittedly it cost a small fortune but then I never seem to buy him anthing substantial. It always seems to be chocolates, ties and socks. This is [...]

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USB Drives

I needed to get myself a usb drive to store some work on and my hubby gave me a purple one. I was made up with it and said that it was made for me because it was purple and made it feel feminine rather than just a gadget. He laughed at me and told me [...]

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My Discovery

Ok.. I have made a great discovery... Our Wii is best fat burner and fitness thing ever. It is fun. It is competitive. It is challenging. It is encouraging. You can check your calories burnt. You can keep your time exercised. It actually helps you improve. It encourages you to return and to improve. And it [...]

The power of advertising

My son is so cute... he said we needed a ps3 keyboard for our Wii! It is amazing the power of advertising especially on a 4 / 5 year old. When I tried to explain it is only for PS3 and we don't have one... his logical answer was to buy one! Considering we have a [...]

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A friend recently purchased a couple of laptops. I was left amazed at the fact that she actually paid as much for a refurbished laptop as she would have for a new one. The laptops were for the kids admittedly but still I do not understand the logic. I do believe that one of them actually developed [...]

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New Laptop

I got my laptop and am using it. I love it. It is a Lenovo blah blah. I know I should know the model and brand, but suffice to say other things were more important. Although just a regular black laptop, it actually has a textured top and gives it a uniqueness. It comes with windows [...]

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New Laptop

I need a new laptop as I keep having wireless issues. Mind you I am not sure it is my pc, but I cannot refuse the option to buy a new laptop! I have been looking around at some like the Asus and netbooks. I am in 2 minds about the net books. They are small [...]

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New Laptop

I discovered a crack in my laptop. It is on the top of it when closed. I have no idea how it got there... I did not drop it or anything but it must have had an accident because there is very clearly a crack. Now from what I know... a stitch in time saves [...]

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Back up

Hubby just said that we should back up all our computers. He thinks that at the very least we should do it on a yearly basis. I think he wants to go with an online backup because then they cannot be stolen or if lightening hits wiped out. But I like the idea of a portable [...]

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Laptops for Christmas

My brothers are hoping for a laptop for Christmas. I must stress they are after 1 each. This is no mean feat given the average price of laptops. Laptops generally cost several hundred pounds each. On the plus side their birthday is also in December. So what we are doing is collectively putting cash in [...]

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