I have semi been house hunting. Now the thing is this, I am really looking for the perfect house because I already have a near perfect house. The only issue is that it could do with an extra room or two. Ideally we would have a playroom / games room which would also be our [...]

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True Bargain

You know I was thinking about that Flat and I really do not think I could get a better deal not even with Outer Banks foreclosures. And at that price I could really go and splash out on doing it up and then renting it out as a luxury flat even though it is just [...]

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A bargain

I think I found a bargain of a flat. They are asking for about half the price it is worth. Admittedly it does need some work but that is not what scares me. The roof needs to be changed and there is asbestos in the roof. And although the roof will be changed and therefore [...]

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My idea of Luxury is a house which has an automatic garage door opener, a heated indoor swimming pool which opens being outdoor in Summer. All bedrooms would have an ensuite and my bedroom would have a dressing room and walk in wardrobe. It would also have a nice garden which is low mantainance but [...]

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Really no advantage

And if you think I am being unfair about my last thoughts on Boots, really I am not. I tried to place an order on their kitchen appliances section for a washing machine. Not those with commercial pumps just a regular one. I took into my stride that it would not be delivered before the 11th [...]

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Table space

I must say that modern extendable dining tables really don't do much for me. The point of extending tables is to increase the size when necessary but to keep your room feeling big the rest of the time. However ours is fully extended almost constantly and when we are 6 people at it, it feels crowded. Considering [...]

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I cannot believe how the tinies sliver of light wakes the kids especially during holidays. I need to get a VeloBind or thermal curtain or blackout liner or whatever they are called just to ensure their room stays black till the curtains are opened and it's time to wake up. The kids waking up before 7 [...]

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Cosy Nights

I must find time to put on our electric blanket. There is nothing nicer than heated mattress pads when you constantly wake in the middle of the night to feed two babies. I get so cold but with an electric blanket at least I can get all toasty really quickly. Mind you a snuggle from my hubby [...]

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A touch of warmth

My hubby lit the fire in our sitting room today. There is something so warm about lit fireplaces. I am not sure if it is the warmth or the hypnotic effect of the fire but it is so warm and I dare say romantic. My biggest fear was that my twins would go straight for it [...]

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I thought about changing our spare room to a playroom. I just about had enough of toys all over our house. I won' t be buying any rustic furniture or anything like that. I just pushed the bed aside, moved out most of the other furniture and I will be placing all their toys in the room and dumping [...]

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