Spring is in the air. My daffodils are growing and so are my lilies and tulips and my house needs airing! So today I started with my kitchen. I pulled out everything from my utensils to my pots and to my sweet cupboard. I removed all the forgotten and shamefully expired stuff. And now it feels [...]

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My poor back

My back is really hurting me. I must have pulled something this morning and it is agony despite a blend of paracetamol and ibuprofen. The only thing that seems to work is a hot bath, though I must say that I am looking forward to bed. One thing I must say is that I am [...]

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With all the hype about hygiene and cleanliness and anti bacterial stuff, it makes me start to wonder about our regular levels of hygiene. I started thinking about automatic taps, automatic foam dispensers, hand dryers and antibacterial. Then I realised that perhaps I was becoming a tad hysterical. I think I just might stick to the [...]

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New Beginings

If things go well then I am going to have the opportunity to do up a studio flat. The hardest bit about a studio flat is the limited space, so you need things to double up such as an innovation sofa turning to a bed and perhaps a microwave being a grill and oven. Thankfully all [...]

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Babies Room

I guess I should not refer to it as the babies room any more as I have just ordered 2 junior pine beds for their room. In a way I am excited but in another it means they are fast becoming kids and not babies any longer. I will also have to remove the single bed [...]

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It is that time of year again. Well normally we decorate on the 6th December but due to being away then, we will be doing it next weekend. We will go off to buy a new tree (real) and put all our decorations on. This year we even have some candy cane and toystory chocolate baubles. I [...]

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It is so weird. Until today my first preference to a perfect kitchen sink was a traditional ceramic sink as it did not absorb stains and looks nice. However, cost and availability tended to mean that I would have to recommend stainless steel because these modern perfect looking ones tend to absorb stains eg from [...]

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The biggest thing that I would have loved to have is a garden. Rather than for me, for the kids to play in. I would love to have wooden swing sets and perhaps a tree house. And I guess a lounger or two for the parents would not go amiss. Mind you I would be happy [...]

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First Aid

I currently store all my first aid stuff in a high cupboard in my kitchen but I always worry about it in case the kids get to it. It would be lovely if I had a Robern Medicine cabinet to store my first aid stuff... but failing that perhaps I just need to put a lock [...]

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Beautiful Homes

I came across this website - www.carolinadesigns.com and just loved the houses. Here the houses all seem similar. Not that is bad because they are lovely and traditional but it would be nice to have a luxurious one. Mind you I guess the difference is that here I look within my price bracket and there I [...]

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