I was always faithful to Comfort conditioner until one day I was sent a sample of Lenor to review. And I fell in love. My clothes smelt wonderful and the smell lasted. You slip into bed night after night and a lovely canadian pharmacy viagra legal scent greets you. They have continued to produce more [...]

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You might say that it was the nicest fence houston had ever seen, but that is not in my garden. I cannot complain too much but I think ours are very basic. They also need a varnishing but hubby and I ended up debating and ending up not doing anything. Wood obviously needs to be treated. [...]

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To not Oak!

As you know we are doing up our new house and obviously I am looking for furniture (as I am making do with some old stuff and not antiques!). I need some cabinets and dining furniture. However I would have loved to have dark furniture but apparently it is not currently fashionable as all the rage [...]

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I know you will have noticed how little I have posted this last month. I must assure that it is not that suddenly my interest in aquiring things has diminished but having recently acquired a house as part of my purchases, I was very wrapped up in moving, sorting my old house out and getting [...]

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Ultimate Purchase

Just signed some paperwork promising to purchase the ultimate purchase... a georgous house. Best of all comes the shopping for it. Yay!real cialis online

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We have worked really hard to own a flat to rent out. Sadly it has really backfired because the tenants keep paying late if they pay at all and most often when they do, it is a fraction of what they owe us. The law sides with tenants and not owners which means that we are [...]

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House Houses but no home!

I wish I could say that I was going to get some don tomas cigars online to celebrate finding a house... but I won't. We saw house after house after house. Houses in our price range, houses below our price range (is there such a thing?) and houses above our price range... and that is what we [...]

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Money & Houses

Ever since I saw listings of houses in the states and the price of them, I cannot help but think about living there. I asked my hubby to look at some san diego jobs but he wasn't having any of it! Shame. Bearing in mind we are looking at houses here, half a million pounds buys nothing [...]

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Isn't it interesting how you rarely seem to find double bowl sinks any more. It seems like the 1 and a half bowl seems more popular. I grew up thinking it was luxurious to have a double bowl but in my kitchens, I never had more than a one and a half bowl. I have had [...]

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We saw some TV's in the shops today, and we are still arguing over what to get. You see I would like one of these new 3d Tv's but hubby says they are too new! He complains about HD TV's because not everything is HD and when something is transmitted and is not HD, the visual is [...]

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