Compeed Blister Plasters

I had the opportunity to test out some Compeed Blister Plasters very recently. My first thought was it has been a while since I had a blister, I wonder how I am going to test these. My second thought was "Oh No! I'm turning into a sensible adult!". Needless to say I went straight out [...]

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Batiste Dry Shampoo

The first time I heard of dry shampoo, I thought it was a gimmick. However the person using it swore by it. So I decided to try it. And honestly I loved it. I have thin, greasy hair that I have to wash daily. However with young children that can be hard to accomplish and [...]

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Superdrug Bonanza

Who does not love Superdrug. It is the UK's second largest pharmacy, second only to Boots and offers tough competition to Boots. Currently, they are offering free delivery on a £25 spend (just click the link below) and if you spend £40 or more then you can also get 20% off. The code to use [...]

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Ultradex Interdental Brushes

Ultradex have sent me some samples and so I will be reviewing them all here over time. Today I am going to review their interdental brushes. Personally, I think that these interdental brushes are a really good product. I have always been partial to interdental brushing as I feel just tooth-brushing alone does not clean [...]

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Today has been a surreal day. A friend of mine has sadly passed away today and another just started a new life through marriage. It has given me loads of food for thought. It has made me want to get a collection of personal christening gifts, birthday  gifts, photos, momentos to give to my kids. I [...]

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Holiday Horrors!

I must admit that I was aware that I have put on weight and I am aware that when you visit a hot country you tend to swell a bit from all the water you drink... but argh... I could not fit into my swimsuit!! What a nightmare!! I have decided to go on a [...]

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Relax Time

There is nothing better than having a nice soak with bath salts at the end of the day. So the biggest question I have, is why on earth am I here typing at my computer rather than having a nice warm bath with candles and soft music. Oh yes.... because as a Mummy I have [...]

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It is so easy to tell that I could do with some calcium supplements. All y ou have to do is look at my short brittle nails. It does not help that I am still breastfeeding twins but I do so miss having nice nails. Perhaps I will treat myself to some gel or acrylic [...]

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I wonder if anyone can confirm my theory... Black heads are meant to be a result of dirt build up but I find that my skin changes depending on my hormonal changes. And with my hormones all over the place, I cannot give up my blackhead remover. However I to find that no matter how [...]

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Kids First

I have a great belief in enhancing everything you can to give children the best start in life. Fish Oil is renowned for being a brain booster. So, obviously I have been giving them my kids since they were old enough. I remember my mum giving me Cod Liver Oil as a spoonful and it was [...]

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