Tesco Offer

I am always on the look out for offers, whether it is a BOGOF, 3 for 2 or even 2 for less than 2. However, I am not into offers where buying 2 costs more on offer than 2 not on offer!! Case in point.. see the image - Direct from my screen! I am [...]

So tired

I must start taking some nutritional supplements because I am so tired that even shopping seems to have lost its allure. Imagine I go shopping and all I want to do is head home. I don't even last half the amount of parking time I paid. And even when Tesco delivers my shopping, I just feel [...]

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Tesco Online

I have some updates to our Tesco Online Vouchers... If this is your first order... click on our link below and then use code XX-PD96 and get £10 off your first order. Supposedly valid until the 19th July (but I suspect it will keep being renewed as long as it is your first order only). [...]

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I recently went instore to M&S to buy some food. They have this great offer where you dine in for a £10 for two. Unfortunately they were out of side dishes (and a lot of other stuff too), however they offered to give a £5 discount voucher with the purchase of the offer in lieu [...]

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Tesco Direct

Did you hear, Tesco has released a new and updated catalogue. And currently, you can get triple points on every order. Yippee!!

Marks & Spencer’s – M&S

Marks & Sparks as it is sometimes affectionately known is a well known huge department store. They are in my list of favourite shops. You can say that Marksies is split into quite a few departments but mainly they do:- Clothing (Men, Women, Children & Babies) and Lingerie Footwear / Shoes (Men, Women & Children) [...]

Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury - Yes the chocolatiers now brings to you Cadbury Gifts Direct - Direct to your door. Although you can order from anywhere in the world, sadly they temporarily only send out to the UK... but don't worry I live in the UK and my address is....!! Just kidding!! Perhaps I should not joke and [...]

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Tesco - every little helps! I am sure that you do not need any introduction to Tesco, but I must go on a little bit about Tesco because they are far from being just a grocery store! Tesco originated as a grocery store slowly conquering the market and becoming what it is today. Tesco has [...]