John Lewis

The John Lewis Department stores probably need no introduction to you. But in case you do.... John Lewis is a department store whose motto is "Never Knowingly Undersold". Bear in mind that they do not apply this motto to their online store. They do however sell things online at the same prices as their stores, [...]


EBay is an online auction website. It is probably the most well known auction site of them all. You can choose to buy stuff from your neighbour next door or direct from a wholesaler in Hong kong, you can grab a bargain from the US or something from as remote a place as Timbuktu! What [...]


Argos is a catalogue company that has stores on the high street. You cannot really view items in Store but you can order them and collect them in store, or simply collect them in store. has everything you can possibly want from Kitchen Products such as Pots & Pans to Toys Galore! You can [...]


NEXT is a high street catalogue store. You will find a NEXT Store in nearly every high street but the stores do not contain anywhere near as many items as the catalogue. However, the Next best thing is their online store. Anything you can find in their catalogue you can find online! Now to put [...]


Tesco - every little helps! I am sure that you do not need any introduction to Tesco, but I must go on a little bit about Tesco because they are far from being just a grocery store! Tesco originated as a grocery store slowly conquering the market and becoming what it is today. Tesco has [...]