Toffee Crisp Cereal

I am sure you have heard and have tried Toffee Crisp Bars. I bet you are drooling. Well I have good news - from Nestle - the makers of Toffee Crisp Bars comes the New and utterly enticing Toffee Crisp Cereal. I was lucky enough to be sent a complimentary box to try out and [...]

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I do not know if you have ever heard of Bolero Drinks. They are a powdered cordial. You purchase a packet and then mix it with water and voila - an instant flavoured drink. So here is the low down on it. Low Calorie Suitable for Diabetics Refreshing My kids think they are getting a [...]

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Amaretto Disaronno

If you have not heard of Amaretto, then you have no idea what you are missing. Amaretto is a sweet almond Italian liqueur. If you like almonds and liqueurs then you will love this drink. A word of warning, it is so easy to drink that it is very easy to over do it and [...]

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I do not know if you have ever heard of Grisbi but these are my utmost favourite biscuits. First of all, I must point out that have a huge range. I used to think they did just Chocolate Grisbi but then I found out they have a huge range and not just the three (Amarena, [...]

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Amazing Bread at Co-op

I was at Co-op today picking up the usual basics when I came across this wonderfully amazing bread. Now I can imagine that to most it might not be appealing but to me, it was heaven. Walnut, Stilton and Cranberry perfectly blended and in my opinion, in just the right quantities. A hint of Stilton, [...]

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Is this the Finest?

The nice bit about having this blog is that I get to receive samples to review*. There is nothing better than receiving chocolate. What more could a girl ask for? Tesco have a range of Finest Chocolate which they have recently expanded. I was lucky enough to sample 2 of them. Tesco Finest Ecuadorian 74% [...]

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Duplo by Ferrero

This is one of my favourite chocolates. It is decadent and moreish and produced by Ferrero. It starts off with a layer of wafer, filled with a chocolate cream (Nutella I suspect) and a surprise hazelnut in the center. It is also covered again in a smooth wafer and covered in chocolate with a drizzle [...]

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My kids keep wanting fizzy drinks and I am sure that it is because it is something they are not really allowed. The are allowed sparkling water which means they only ask for it when it is an option between still and sparkling. But when they can they ask for lemonade. Now I must be [...]

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Thorntons Time

I need a couple of gifts. You know the kind, obligatory but you don't really care... and so I was thinking Thornton Chocolates! Looks like I care, looks good but nice and easy going. And Half price!  cialis online doctor

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I sent my hubby shopping with a very specific shopping list (and orders to call me if they are out of something so that I specify a substitution) but as always he just picked up stuff and that is how I ended trying MuCheese. It started off with a negative feel because first of all I [...]

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