Awards and Sports Day

A couple of years ago my son came first in sports day. He was naturally delighted and loved his trophy. He would show it to anyone who cared to listen (namely family members who humoured him and let him speak about it). Sadly after a year had passed we received a letter asking him to [...]

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Family News

I just heard that my brother has decided to embark on an online business degree while working as cabin crew and seeing the world. I must say that is life. Mind you, when I worked as cabin crew, I spent as much as I earnt. I liked the high life but it was high maintenance too. [...]

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OK here is my question. A child goes to a party. So who should give thank you cards. The child who enjoyed the party? Or the child who received the present? Or should they both send out Thank You notes? I think the protocol is the child who receives the present sends a Thank You [...]

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1st Day at school

Tomorrow is my son's first day at school. How time flies. Only yesterday I got him home from hospital. And now... School. I must get everything ready. His uniform, his school bag, his pencil box, my camcorder and my camera (to take lots of photos to remember this day), tissues (to wipe my tears), my alarm [...]

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While in London, I saw an advert for WGU - Western Governors University which is a non profit online University. It made me think about how much I would love to study further but being honest with 3 kids under the age of 4... it is almost an impossibility. BUT with it being an online [...]

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My brother is studying dentistry and is at the point of doing a hard exam. Well I guess any exam in dentistry must be hard but this might be harder than most. I was thinking of getting him a present but was not sure what to get him. Although he probably has lab coats galore, [...]

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I am trying to work on a reward chart with my son. So far it seems to be working well. Everytime he does something good he gets a sticker for his reward chart. However when he disobeys he gets told that now he will not get his star (removing a sticker is not as easy [...]

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ELC Major Christmas Discounts

ELC are really trying their best to capture as many toys sales as possible in the lead up to Christmas. Which is a good thing for you and I who probably have a list as long as Santa's to fulfill!! So, this year ELC have severals products on offer (some may change until Christmas though) [...]

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Fiesta Crafts

A friend of mine begged me to order some items from Fiesta Craft online. Now as you can imagine, I don't need much of a push to hit the shops! I went to the site to see what she was after and instantly had difficulties. To start with there is no search function. How can [...]

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Marks & Spencer’s – M&S

Marks & Sparks as it is sometimes affectionately known is a well known huge department store. They are in my list of favourite shops. You can say that Marksies is split into quite a few departments but mainly they do:- Clothing (Men, Women, Children & Babies) and Lingerie Footwear / Shoes (Men, Women & Children) [...]