Disco time

My eldest son has started having the odd disco at school. This is obviously making me feel old but the kids seem to love it.  They run around rather than dance but they have a great time none the less. The school uses some great Venue Lights, a DJ and lots and lots of glow sticks. [...]

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My Discovery

Ok.. I have made a great discovery... Our Wii is best fat burner and fitness thing ever. It is fun. It is competitive. It is challenging. It is encouraging. You can check your calories burnt. You can keep your time exercised. It actually helps you improve. It encourages you to return and to improve. And it [...]

Ballet Shoe Keyring

I bought myself this mini ballet shoe keyring. It is really pretty. It is made just like a real ballet shoe and even made by a ballet firm (Sansha) with ballet shoe materials. It was only 4 Euros. They will also ship anywhere. I am thinking of getting a second one just to make it [...]

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EBay is an online auction website. It is probably the most well known auction site of them all. You can choose to buy stuff from your neighbour next door or direct from a wholesaler in Hong kong, you can grab a bargain from the US or something from as remote a place as Timbuktu! What [...]

The Ballet Shop

The Ballet Shop is every dancer's dream shop. The Ballet Shop supplies all dance products for all dancers and specializes in Ballet obviously! The Ballet Shop is owned by a dance teacher and in based in Malta. They have some of the most competitive prices on dance wear and products that I have ever seen. [...]

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