I wanted to buy a washing machine and a washer dryer. Bearing in mind the cost, I did some research and found PixMania was the cheapest. There was one thing, that the great prices are VERY misleading as you need to add the delivery charges which are exorbitant. £30 for delivery of viagra mexico a washing [...]

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If you are into the latest style of bracelets like Chamilia or Pandora then you might be interested in this coupon. REEDS are currently offering new customers a welcome discount of $25 off any online purchase of $150 or more. Just enter coupon code FTV25150* at checkout. The one thing you might want to be aware of [...]

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Fancy Pizza! It is buy one get one free at Domino's today (and every Tuesday). Just click and order and wait half an hour. Mmmm.

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Vitacost Coupons

Shopaholic often has discounts and coupons but most often they are geared towards the uk market though not exclusively. We do try to pop in American discount codes and from sites that deliver world wide but it is not always easy. There are specialised sites like ebillme that offers discounts and coupons for the American [...]

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Special Offers

If you want to read about how to er remove belly fat click here but if you prefer to read about some bargains I have found online.... then just keep reading... Get 20% off a Merlin Tussaud Annual Pass for loads of great fun at Legoland, Thorpe Park, Madame Tussaud, Alton Towers, London Eye etc.! From [...]

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I found a chandelier that matches my sitting room. Can you believe that I have this lovely done up sitting room down to a ceiling rose but no light. I am sure that an electrician could probably fit one in easily but it does perplex me. I mean it is all very well to have side [...]

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Talking about offers, I found out that Fastin is currently on offer at $59.99 reduced from $129.99, which makes it a pretty substantial savings. It also includes Free Shipping. They do say they ship to most countries (unless they have specific medical rules which would not allow them to ship to you). Needless to say, [...]

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Tesco Online

I have some updates to our Tesco Online Vouchers... If this is your first order... click on our link below and then use code XX-PD96 and get £10 off your first order. Supposedly valid until the 19th July (but I suspect it will keep being renewed as long as it is your first order only). [...]

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The Joke Shop Competition

The Joke Shop has given us the opportunity to run a competition with lots of goodies to win!! The reason for the competition is that April Fool is creeping upon us... and as you know April Fool is the day where you can pull all sorts of tricks!! The goodies are all supplied from The [...]

M&S Promotion

 have a new promotion coming up throughout February and March. You can get yourself a £10 discount on a £100 spend at M&S. All you have to do is click on our link to take you to M&S and then input the coupon code SHAREV09. Happy Shopping!

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