I just came across our ski stuff and just realised that I lost a pair of ski goggles! I mean seriously, how do you lose a pair of goggles? I can understand a glove but goggles? And I thought I had 2 pairs... but I have none! Seriously, it is not like I can do [...]

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Fancy Dress Party

We have been invited to a fancy dress party, which I think is extreme fun. Last time I wore a nurses uniform but let's just say I was slimmer then. So the question is what should I wear instead. Perhaps a visit to The Joke Shop is a must and a costume of a ball [...]

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I bought 2 sets of short and tops and they have been treated equally in terms of care. On the first wash, the smaller set looks liked it faded a bit and the second looked immaculated. The second time, the second set looked slightly worn but the first set needs to be consigned to the [...]

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Cool Travels

My brother has been travelling round the world and we were catching up. If only it were me. He was telling me of all his bargains from cheap nike sunglasses to designer clothes and clothes made to measure for less than regular shop prices. Mind you, I suppose if it were me, I would still [...]

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Holiday Horrors!

I must admit that I was aware that I have put on weight and I am aware that when you visit a hot country you tend to swell a bit from all the water you drink... but argh... I could not fit into my swimsuit!! What a nightmare!! I have decided to go on a [...]

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Royal Wedding

Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine Middleton on the nuptials. Considering how shopping crazy everyone went after they got engaged in particular with the Royal Blue dress... I can only imagine what shopping will be like after seeing her dress and the outfits of every celebrity invited!

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Hubby’s Christmas Present

I hate choosing a Christmas present for my hubby. He has everything he needs, and I mean everything so I always end up getting him ties... not quite the skinny ties as he hates those but funky ones... but he insists on still rotating the same 3 or 4! What to do. So, it is socks, ties, [...]

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Shoe Fit

The latest trend is shoe fitness. Shoes like FitFlops and mbt shoes are meant  fit to help people get fit without much effort. It works by simply making a person keep working at mantaining their balance. They look a lot like platforms though they are curved rather than flat. Personally I don't like their look but [...]

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Passing the time

I think while I wait for Boots, I will use my time productively and shop for shoes womens of course. Admittedly I won' t be treating myself to any Manolos. The truth is I still do not manage to look after my shoes well. It is not that I do not mean to, it is just [...]

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It is amazing the price when buying compression stockings online as compared to popping into a chemist or even worse buying at an airport. Actually I am amazed that they do not try to sell them on board planes. Think about it. They give out normal socks when flying long haul so why not go a [...]

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