Today has been a surreal day. A friend of mine has sadly passed away today and another just started a new life through marriage. It has given me loads of food for thought. It has made me want to get a collection of personal christening gifts, birthday  gifts, photos, momentos to give to my kids. I [...]

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Our Anniversary

You would think that the hardest present in a relationship are the diamond engagement rings which must be perfect. Men - in case you are reading, I must stress PERFECT! But every anniversary is hard. And again Men-  NEVER forget an anniversary.We have decided to go with traditional gifts but every year it gets harder [...]

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Royal Wedding

Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine Middleton on the nuptials. Considering how shopping crazy everyone went after they got engaged in particular with the Royal Blue dress... I can only imagine what shopping will be like after seeing her dress and the outfits of every celebrity invited!

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Good News

A friend of mine has just told me that they will be getting married in the summer. I am so excited for them. I hope she will be sending out some bridal shower invitations. And I must say I am also looking forward to her hen night. I wonder... would she have both a  hen [...]

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Talking of my friend who is getting married. I wonder if they are considering the Royal Caribbean for their honeymoon. I must suggest it to them. I know they are wondering where to get married and have considered getting married abroad but that causes the issues of having family and friends around them. And you do [...]

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Tying the Knot

A friend of mine is getting married soon and I am so excited for her, well them. I adored shopping for my wedding. Choosing my wedding dress, veil, shoes, the bridesmaid dresses, the souvenirs / favours, the colour scheme, the flowers, the venue, the party, the balloons and so much more. But I must remember to hold [...]

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Something Special

We had a wedding recently and I paid a lot of attention to what my kids were wearing. My daughter had a nice new dress, my sons were in suits. And I had not got round to buying myself anything. Despite being a shopaholic, with twin babies, most of my shopping is online and er [...]

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My cousin has just got engaged. I am so excited for her. She must however be more excited with all the preparations. There is no better shopping than bridal shopping, except perhaps baby shopping. I must be careful or before she knows it I might take over all her shopping from her bridal shower invitationsto [...]

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Love is…

Aren't these love glass coaster wedding favors simply adorable? I think they make really great coasters with a touch of romance. I know they were intended as wedding favours and I know that they would not do for a male apartment, but if you are female (or a new couple) I think they could add [...]

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Bags & Totes

If you are getting married this summer, I thought I would let you know about a sale that is on at American Bridal. A good sale is always worth mentioning... so there I have told you about it. What is really worth knowing, is that if you love Bags... then you will love their Tote [...]

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