Smelly Nappy

I must confess that I still haven't sent the nappy to Huggies.... it is going to end up being a smelly one!! Ah well!!

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Pull Ups

I have been using Huggies Pull Ups and have been dissappointed. They have this picture that is meant to dissappear once the nappy gets wet. However when I started using them, I found that in the girl nappy, that it does not always dissappear when wet. This makes them no better than ordinary nappy pants and because [...]

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Lots of news

My cousin is having a baby. This seems to be the season of good news. She had some really unique baby shower invitations made. Almost makes me wish that I was having another baby... well maybe not... I am still in recovery from the twins. Mind you, I must say I love the fact that I [...]

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Babies Room

I guess I should not refer to it as the babies room any more as I have just ordered 2 junior pine beds for their room. In a way I am excited but in another it means they are fast becoming kids and not babies any longer. I will also have to remove the single bed [...]

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I finally completed my Boots order. It does not contain anything fancy like acne scar removal creams just nappies and baby stuff. But it took 2 days to complete the order which is ridiculous. And delivery is in a week! Feels like forever in todays face pace. Feels particularly long because I actually paid extra for named delivery. [...]

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I cannot believe how the tinies sliver of light wakes the kids especially during holidays. I need to get a VeloBind or thermal curtain or blackout liner or whatever they are called just to ensure their room stays black till the curtains are opened and it's time to wake up. The kids waking up before 7 [...]

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Prenatal stuff

Prenate dha Rx contains the maximum amount of Folic Acid and an abundance of DHA, which is a high quality ingredient that helps with fetal brain and retinal development. Do not be misled. This is hardly the highest quality prenatal vitamin. Prenate DHA still has a lot of room to improve. Prenate vitamins with DHA could contain a [...]

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A step too far!

I think society has just gone a step too far. In the past, when a baby was born, the dad gave out montecristo cigars to everyone he came across. It was a way of celebration and letting everyone know of the latest addition. Now, its obsolete. What do we do? Er I think we sent out [...]

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Pampers Active Fit – New

Pampers have come out with a new update to their active fit nappy. I only realised after actually returning a pack. I bought a pack and found that the padding in the nappy ends 2/3rd up and not all the way to the top. I assumed it was a flaw in the nappy but the [...]

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Yummy or Slummy

I think I just might get myself some disability insurance, because recently I have had such lack of sleep that I guess it is only a matter of time before I end up in a serious accident, as I cannot afford to not be able to have someone take over. As every mum knows, you [...]

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