Cars for Mums!

I would like to think that we have come far enough in western society, to say that men and women are on a par. We will never be truly equal, that is a given and an expectation but it does mean that when it comes to certain things, there should not be any discrimination. This [...]

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I have been thinking of giving a mum's opinion on cars. I have driven many a car and I have found that cars feel like they are designed by men, for use by men and aside from all the wonderful engine specs (which I care nothing about) are really not very practical. I would assume [...]

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Shopping Spree

I was thinking of treating myself to a shopping spree for my birthday by going to the UK. My first decision was do I fly or do I boat. This was simple enough, cheaper to boat as it means I can practically bring back unlimited luggage. My next choice was to decide whether I should [...]

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A small shocker

Just got a call back from the garage. The handbrake is going to cost in the region of £700. Scary. And yet without it, the car is worth nothing, so we just have to fix it. On the plus side, we have found a good second hand second car. It is a Mercedes and I [...]

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I love my navigation system (SAT NAV/ GPS). Literally I can get anywhere without any hassle whatsoever. You put in your postcode or address and bob's your uncle. You take a wrong turn and my system automatically reroutes me the shortest way. Absolutely fab. Then there are the extras besides getting from A to B [...]

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Just realised that my roadside assistance ends at the end of this month and I need to get it renewed. I am always in 2 minds between just remaining and checking out other companies. What I find really impressive is that often, I end up with the same company but it is not a renewal [...]

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Service Time

Its that time of year again. Car needs a service. I hate having to deal with that. I am not talking about things like brake rotors and changing oil and spark plugs but more the fact that still there still is sexism when it comes to women and cars. You can go to the manufacturer, where [...]

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Does anyone know anything about cars? My friends car had a light come on. It meant that her coolant needed to be seen to. Obviously her book said to go to her garage. I think it is something she could just buy and put in her car directly. But I am not certain. Thing is would it [...]

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So after a week and a half, our car is back from Happy Days Mechanics. I am happy to get it back but am I happy. Well it was meant to take 2 to 3 days but took a week and a half. It was meant to cost £250 to fix which was far less [...]

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I was asked today if I knew if they had the junior carts in Jurby. Apparently these are good for kids age 4+. But the reality is that I have no idea. I mean you could ask me if they sold ATV Accessories and I would also not have an idea. And although I like to [...]

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