Extraordinary Measures

Just watched a great film of a professor who quit his job at a medical assisting school to help a  father who has 2 kids who suffer from Pompe Disease. It is based on a true story and it is heart wrenching. My first thought was poor guy 2 kids in a wheelchair. 1 is bad but 2 [...]

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Fiesta Crafts

A friend of mine begged me to order some items from Fiesta Craft online. Now as you can imagine, I don't need much of a push to hit the shops! I went to the site to see what she was after and instantly had difficulties. To start with there is no search function. How can [...]

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Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery is one of the largest Galleries arounds. They have probably one of the largest fine arts selections available. They auction their fine art throughout the United States of America and Canada.   Though what intrigues me the most is their sister business - Park West at Sea. They actually have auctions for fine art whilst [...]

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  Buyagift is the place where you buy a gift experience rather than just an ordinary gift. If you cannot decide which experience to buy, you can always buy gift vouchers. They sell such a large range, I would not be surprised if you could not decide. Which would you chose? Theme Park Tickets Spa [...]

London Theatre Direct

If you ever go visiting London, you must hit a show or two. LondonTheatreDirect is the place to order all your tickets to your favourite shows. Besides Theatre Tickets you can also book restaurants, hotels and attractions. Many things also have offers too. You can buy tickets for a whole range of shows  from LondonTheateDirect [...]

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Art Gallery

It is always nice to have a piece of art to decorate your home or office. Art Gallery specialises in Original Art and Art Prints. Original art is the most thoughtful and thrilling gift you can give. It is a very personal gift and unique gift. This is definitely one of the places to obtain [...]

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