Tumble Dryer Time

My favourite tumble dryer of all time was a White Knight. Known as a cheap brand but while it lasted I thought it was excellent. They also had the first A rated tumble dryer while all other brands were still D rated. Things have come along a lot since then. Most dryers are now a [...]

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Spring is in the air. My daffodils are growing and so are my lilies and tulips and my house needs airing! So today I started with my kitchen. I pulled out everything from my utensils to my pots and to my sweet cupboard. I removed all the forgotten and shamefully expired stuff. And now it feels [...]

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Someone recommended that I try Samsung for a washing machine. I should have thought of them sooner. Personally I like the brand. I find them reasonably priced with lots of extras. Admittedly sometimes they compromise on certain areas eg on pixel quantity (too complicated to explain for a non pixel related post but basically though they [...]

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Washing Machines

I am still looking for a stupid washing machine. Apparently nearly no-one delivers washing machines directly to IOM except through a supplier and suppliers know this so that they put ridiculous surcharges of over £100. Tesco recently said they would deliver anything in their catalogue free to stores, so I tried to order one and [...]

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So, I purchased a washing machine from Comet. Let me start by saying that their site is not the best of sites... the amount of times it made me mumble under my breathe was astonishing. However, I must also say the good bits... they have some of the largest range available and some prices are [...]

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M&S Appliances

Here's a nice surprise. M&S appliances are not that expensive. In fact, they are among the cheapest even compared to Tesco, ASDA, B&Q, Argos and Wilkinson! And you even get FREE Delivery!

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Morphy Richards Guarantee & Customer Service

About a year ago I bought a Morphy Richards Vacuum Cleaner - 73381 Performair Bagless Upright Vacuum and it came with a 3 year guarantee. It had been a toss up between a Dyson or a cheap and easily replaceable vacuum cleaner. Then I found this one that cost far less than the Dyson but [...]

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I was pleasantly surprised by Samsung's customer service. Nearly 5 years ago I bought myself an American Style Fridge Freezer and has been very happy with it so far. Apparently some models had a small flaw (not that I noticed) and so they contacted us and sent out someone to do an alteration for FREE. [...]

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New TV

I know that the first couple of months with a new baby can be a bit mind blowing, so I have talked my hubby into upgrading our satellite subscription, after all day time TV has never been good. But this got my sweet technology addicted hubby talking about new TV's, plasma mounts, LCD's, etc etc. [...]

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Currys Discount Codes

We have some discount codes for Currys. 10% off can make a huge difference. We have codes for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. Not only do you get 10% off if you buy from Currys, you also get to recycle your old appliance for Free! NOTE codes are only valid until the 16th [...]

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