Something horsey!

My son is petrified of animals including our cats who are older than he is! So to try to combat this, I have tried to enrich his life with animals such as an aquarium and sending him to horse riding lessons.  My thoughts were that if he could get used to a large animal like a [...]

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Uniform Time

Argh! It's uniform time. It is always so expensive and you have to leave it to the last minute because kids grow like weeds. Unless you are great at estimating their growth and then you can take advantage of early special offers then it is expensive. This is my unform list:- School Uniform equestrian clothing [...]

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If you have pets like me, then you know the frustrations of pet hair. I did not realise just how bad things were until I tested CarPET. I used it on a patch a foot square that had already been vacuumed with a pet hair vacuum cleaner. And in a couple of sweeps, you can [...]

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My son has started horse riding recently and it is amazing how much an equestrian hobby can cost. And we are not talking just the cost of the lessons but all the riding gear:- the helmet, the jodhpurs, the boots, the back brace, etc etc. Thankfully his teacher is great. Because she knows how quickly they [...]

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Horse Riding

My eldest son has been horse riding for nearly a year now. It was quite weird at first as he was rather afraid of horses. He still is a bit wary but he seems to enjoy riding. He goes every forthnight. The teacher is lovely. She even takes into consideration of cost for extras like [...]

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Fish Shop

Today, I had to explain to my son that our local aquatics shop closed down to move somewhere else. As a four year old, he could not understand that concept. "But when are they going to open again?". I did promise to take him to the new shop, though I suspect he will be dissappointed [...]

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