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Cars for Mums!

I would like to think that we have come far enough in western society, to say that men and women are on a par. We will never be truly equal, that is a given and an expectation but it does mean that when it comes to certain things, there should not be any discrimination. This [...]

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PA System

My son had a party and it was great having a pa system. It meant we had decent sound and we could talk to the children and have them hear us. It can be problematic to get them to hear you when you have circa 30 eight year old boys. I wanted to see the behringer [...]

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Amazing Bread at Co-op

I was at Co-op today picking up the usual basics when I came across this wonderfully amazing bread. Now I can imagine that to most it might not be appealing but to me, it was heaven. Walnut, Stilton and Cranberry perfectly blended and in my opinion, in just the right quantities. A hint of Stilton, [...]

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Instrument Case

My hubby and I were discussing what sort of instrument case to get for our son's harp. I said that I would be happy with a  soft style case and he recommended a hard style case. Someone else recommended a great ddj-sx case but that is for a guitar not a harp. Now if they made a [...]

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Superdrug Bonanza

Who does not love Superdrug. It is the UK's second largest pharmacy, second only to Boots and offers tough competition to Boots. Currently, they are offering free delivery on a £25 spend (just click the link below) and if you spend £40 or more then you can also get 20% off. The code to use [...]

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More Harp Accessories

I am looking for a good Harp tuner. I want one that is a bit like the classic guitar jack at musicians friend but obviously for the harp. Ideally it must make it easy for my 7 year old to tune his own harp because otherwise  I will have to always do it. The problem is that [...]

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Ultradex Interdental Brushes

Ultradex have sent me some samples and so I will be reviewing them all here over time. Today I am going to review their interdental brushes. Personally, I think that these interdental brushes are a really good product. I have always been partial to interdental brushing as I feel just tooth-brushing alone does not clean [...]

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Last night

Last night it struck me that our next anniversary is our 15th! I could not believe it. So I was thinking about perhaps a renewal of our vows. I started looking at JewelryVortex mens wedding bands and I was thinking perhaps a 3 diamond ring for me. Then I started thinking about parties and I felt tired [...]

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Is this the Finest?

The nice bit about having this blog is that I get to receive samples to review*. There is nothing better than receiving chocolate. What more could a girl ask for? Tesco have a range of Finest Chocolate which they have recently expanded. I was lucky enough to sample 2 of them. Tesco Finest Ecuadorian 74% [...]

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Musician's Friend

I am still searching around for the right harp for my son. So inevitable I come across all sorts of music websites. I particularly like that Musician's Friend will post internationally and they will only show you things that they can send to you. Besides that, they will also show you things in your currency. [...]

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