I had the opportunity to test out some Compeed Blister Plasters very recently. My first thought was it has been a while since I had a blister, I wonder how I am going to test these. My second thought was “Oh No! I’m turning into a sensible adult!”. Needless to say I went straight out and bought myself some shoes (like I needed an excuse for shoes!). My new shoes very graciously gave me a couple of blisters. What was I doing? At least the shoes were nice.

Out came the plasters and I stuck them on. Within a few minutes I actually felt relief. I was amazed. Blisters are painful and they burn. The burning almost immediately stopped. You can see where the blister is because the area that is blister turns the plaster (or perhaps the blister) white. I found that the plaster stayed on until the blister was practically healed. I did not need to replace the plaster with another even after showering. Though after a bath it does seem to start coming unstuck. But then they can easily be replaced if you do have baths as opposed to showers. When it did finally start to come off, it was not painful to remove.

I even used them on my daughter who is 4. It immediately stopped her crying and she was able to go off and play immediately.

I liked that they come in different shapes for different areas. They are also generously sized so they cover the largest of blisters and it seems like the whole plaster will treat the blister. It does not just protect the blister from bursting or getting worse but even treats it and dries it out. Most of all, I really liked that they came in a small container which meant that they could easily slip into a handbag and be left there until needed. I had different ones, so I mixed the boxes and put one in my handbag and one in my medicine cupboard. These are a definate must have on any holiday, wedding event or party!

I might have never bought them if I had not tried them out because I would have assumed that they were some expensive gimmicky plaster. Now that I have tried them, I won’t be without them. They really make a difference and you can simply keep going. They do also say they can be used preventatively but then I suppose it will depend on how much your new shoes rub. I have not tried them as a preventative measure as it is harder to see if they work but I may consider them on my next new pair or if I have a family wedding!