Ok perhaps Music Lessons are not the most tangible thing that you buy but none the less it is a service that you purchase. Which makes me think about the way we approach purchasing of lessons. I know my attitude to finding a harp teacher to a piano teacher differed significantly. With the harp teacher, my son took to a particular person and we wanted her. It took a wait but we were lucky and he is being taught by her. With Piano it was a recommendation and we are happy that we followed it.

However, let us say that you move somewhere and do not yet know anyone. How do you go about it? How do say music lessons in Woodland Hills at guitar center compare to Music Lessons at Juilliard or Music lessons at my son’s primary school or say compared to lessons in France, Italy or the UK?

Do you go on price? When do you ask about the cost of lessons? Or will you only go on a recommendation? And how do you know if they are the right lessons for you? Do you ask for a trial session?

So many questions!!