The first time I heard of dry shampoo, I thought it was a gimmick. However the person using it swore by it. So I decided to try it. And honestly I loved it.

I have thin, greasy hair that I have to wash daily. However with young children that can be hard to accomplish and most often it ends up air drying. This results in no style and limp hair. Dry shampoo offers me a quick alternative. It means that it removes the greasiness in a few quick sprays, it gives me some volume and with the Batiste range, it even smells nice.

I do find that you need to have quick light bursts of spray or it will result in your having a film of powder but you quickly get the hang of it. And after a minute or two, you can style your hair quickly and easily. My hair really feels nice. Honestly, it is worth a try!