Ultradex have sent me some samples and so I will be reviewing them all here over time. Today I am going to review their interdental brushes.

Personally, I think that these interdental brushes are a really good product. I have always been partial to interdental brushing as I feel just tooth-brushing alone does not clean enough. There are two problems with regular interdental brushes. The first is that the spaces between your teeth are not equal, therefore you need different sizes. The second is that as they are made of metal, you can easily hurt yourself.

Ultradex have no metal and are tapered. In other words, you will not get hurt on the metal and because it is tapered, you can use it between all your teeth. The rubberised end makes it comfortable to use and you do feel you get to all the hard places. It also has an anti-bacterial agent which is meant to kill the bacteria which causes plaque, decay and gum problems. 

The one thing you do need to know is that excessive flexing of the tip may cause the end to break off but so far it has not happened to me.