The nice bit about having this blog is that I get to receive samples to review*. There is nothing better than receiving chocolate. What more could a girl ask for?

Tesco have a range of Finest Chocolate which they have recently expanded. I was lucky enough to sample 2 of them.

Tesco Finest Ecuadorian 74% Dark Chocolate – Floral & Spicy with subtle notes of Green Tea. I thought this chocolate was surprisingly unbitter considering it was 74% Dark Chocolate. My husband who tends to not be partial to dark chocolate really liked this. I was really looking forward to the Green Tea taste but as they described it, it was very subtle. It did set my imagination running and I think if the Green Tea flavour were stronger, it would really set this chocolate apart from the rest. What I liked about this was that a small amount was enough to satisfy. It does not mean that I could not eat it all, but I was happy to take a piece and then have another piece later and another the next day. It meant that there was no guilt associated with the chocolate, especially when you consider that a square is only 60 calories! I would love it if it came in precut squares to give to your guests after dinner as I think it would work just right for after dinner.

Tesco Finest Ecuadorian 32% Milk Chocolate – Sweet & Malty with rich Toffee notes. This is a really rich chocolate. I think the richness comes from the malt which helps the taste and flavour fill your mouth. The toffee adds the sweetness and the taste blends really well. Interestingly, I would improve it by adding “Sea Salt”. I think the 3 contrasts would work amazingly. This is a really nice rich chocolate that will work well particular for people with a savoury tooth as opposed to a sweet tooth.

The best bit is that Tesco seem to have produced a whole range of the chocolates. From Orange & Almonds to Chocolate with mint and they even have one with Maple Syrup & Walnut. The hardest bit is to choose which one to add to my next online order. I guess at £1.50 a bar, I can add them all in! My diet can wait!

Tesco's Finest!

Tesco’s Finest!


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