I wanted to find a wooden box to buy because I think it is so much neater when stuff are hidden in a wooden box as opposed to just left running around. I thought this filing box for $14 was a really neat cool bargain. It would be better if I could buy them in the UK but at least this company ships to the UK and Worldwide. I do think the biggest issue with shipping is that they will charge freight charges but this is not as listed correctly on the site. To quote them, they say “Although we have the freight charges list on the website. They are there only as an estimated freight guide. International orders will be charged according to the actual weight of the packages after they are packaged and put on the scales not by the prices listed on the website.”  To top it off you can have duty added to it after it arrives and being from the US, you do usually end up paying duty. So my summary of this is, great site, great prices and if you are ok with a little bit of the unknown with purchases, then you can get them anywhere.

I wonder if I can import them wholesale and sell them here. I am sure they would be a big hit!


Wood "In" Box